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As Good As Eternity

Tyrsis says, "The boy Dink lives with his step-mother. His mother is dead, his father has gone to fight an unknown enemy. This is not the beginning of the story.
So, don't kill the pianist, he's trying his best..."

*Best download of january 2002*
Released:September 15th, 2003
File Size:4.72 MB
Release Notes:Final+ (Rev 8)
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June 6th, 2008
Final+ (Rev 8)
Score : 9.5 exceptional
This dmod has a nice epic feel to it, and when I first downloaded and installed it, it was an instant hit, although when looking back at it I have some things to praise about it and point out some things that made the game somewhat mediocre.

Graphics: were somewhat improved, but much of it was slightly tweaked, already existing midi's. However, they stood out nonetheless. Some of the graphics got in the way and cluttered sight of some of the screens, but most of it was non-interfering.

Storyline: While it was pretty basic, there were a lot of side quests that one could embark on, and often one could take a break from the main quest (like trying to kill the weird town that just wanted to die of starvation anyway). If you just wanted to beat the game, however, one would just find themselves trying to find the temple of light for an extremely long while, and when you get to see the end screen, I personally found it a dissapointment that I couldn't go back, tell the King, and continue to do random stuff, instantly killing the replay value (which really wasn't that much anyways...)

Gameplay: somewhat imbalanced. I found myself fighting to suvive when I first embarked south of the bridge, but later when I fought the boss, it was complete easy sauce, it took virtually no amount of skill to beat him (although I had my stats up ridiculously high because of the CD, and I've read recently that the boss'level depended on your stats). I've never experienced the bad ending, but at least the good ending has a nice heartwarming aspect to it, which I felt redempt the storyline a bit.

Music: Since my computer is a bit weird, I didn't have the ability to listen to it except at a friend's house, so what little I could hear I felt fit into each screen really well

New features: The were a lot of new aspects, to the game, like new swords and magic spells, (although there were a surprising lack of bows)and additional sprites for characters. Overall, the new features were just enough to keep me playing.

As a leaving note, this games has more of a relaxed pace to it, and overall the author has worked hard on creating this exceptional dmod. Anybody who likes a good epic story should give this a try.
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