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2002-07-17 05:06:29
Peasant Female Russia
: ~Notice~

: In case anyone was thinking of putting the revised DinkC.txt into an easily navigable form I have begun to change it into html format. If anyone else was thinking of starting this type of project just letting you know so we don't work on the same thing. For anyone who wants to know how far along I am, I just recently started and it's slow going so if anyone else is further along I can defer to them.

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Tyrsis has released 4 files

As Good As EternityD-Mod, EpicExceptional 9.1September 15th, 2003
Dink's TrunkDevelopmentExceptional 9.5August 5th, 2002
As Good as Eternity Graphics PackDevelopment, GraphicsGood 8.2March 22nd, 2002
As Good as Eternity SourceDevelopment, SourceGood 8.0March 22nd, 2002

Tyrsis has written 2 reviews

When I Released As Good As Eternity There Were Quite a Lot of Reviews As Good As EternityNormalExceptional 9.6July 15th, 2002
Simeon's "Once in a Lifetime" is a Small Dmod Once in a LifetimeFeaturedGood 8.5May 6th, 2002