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2012-04-04 15:49:36
Thanks for the input guys!

Totally with you that it should be consistent, somewhere along the line lowercase p-z (for Windows at least) got shifted to codes 51-61.

Found that about 30 minutes after I upped the Windows keys. Went to load a keybind script into my Android tablet and behold, no working key (also found out that main game won't accept scripts, only D-Mods). So made the other two files and upped them.

If I had a Mac, iDevice, and Palm, I'd add those codes as well.

So do you guys want a new list combining all codes or should I just stick with updating the common ones?
Basic txt file, Excel spreadsheet, Word file with tables, html file?

Does anyone with any of the systems I don't have want a zipped file with the "say("you pressed key-1",1);
" key-###.c files? I know it only takes about 3-5 minutes to make them if you can batch edit text, but...

On second thought, going email Seth and see if he meant for those codes to be changed like that, maybe he'll want to clean up the source for HD. Still let me know if you would like a single file with all devices keycodes, maybe with the common ones all listed at the top.

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