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2012-08-01 02:58:24
In the dmod I'm working on there are various ticking-counters which need to be running continually.
The method I'm using currently is to spawn(); them in the start-1.c. This then presents the problem of them unloading when the player resumes the game. My solution to this is to then have a launch script attached to screens with savebots on them. This script when loaded will execute a "term" procedure in the ticking scripts with an external(); and then spawn(); them again.

void term (void)
debug("Tick Killed");

While this method is working, it is somewhat heavy handed and limits what I can do on savescreens.
Also the ticking counter's values are stored in globals.
Edit: Is there a way to check if a script is currently loaded into memory/executing? I had a dig in the dinkc reference and couldn't find anything.
Edit 2:OCD Formatting and grammar
So my question to you is there an easier solution to this?

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