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Town Portal

Let's escape from the bonca using the town portal.
A new item (or spell, if you want) for Dink to use: A scroll of town portal that allows you to quickly return to town from your adventures, and then back again. Instructions can be found in readme.txt.
Released:March 18th, 2012
File Size:162.27 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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June 25th, 2012
Score : 8.5 good
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A very nice spell and test Dmod featuring a Diablo-style Teleport Scroll, where you can send yourself back to town.

It doesn't use any new graphics, however the spell concept alone was enough to ensure I gave this thing a try; And try I did. Dink casts the spell by using the item scroll, sending a small spark a short distance in front of him before it turns into a portal you can simply walk in to get back to a central town 'hub'.

Good: Easy concept, and clear-cut instructions on how to install it. With someone willing to spend some effort into new graphics, a very unique warp portal could be made for this.
I also laughed at Dink 'breaking the fourth wall' a couple of times, and the salesman's explanation of the Town Portal and Hub in the test dmod.

Bad: Shooting at the edge of the screen creates a portal, yes, but its pretty buggy; You cannot use it to get back to the hub, and from my test of aiming at the bottom of the screen, the portal drops you 1 screen south of where you tried to place it. A possible game-breaker that way.
You also cannot over-write a currently placed portal to place another one.