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Peasant Male Romania
Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice. 
Hi, I'm cypry (Ciprian Oprisa), I'm from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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2006-02-19 14:40:30
Peasant Male Romania
Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice. 
Welcome to The Dink Network!
Err... one problem... you seem to have the same picture that AmoebaLord has. I don't think there's anything bad with this, but people might get confused.

cypry has released 9 files

GoldSeekerMiscellaneousFair 5.3June 28th, 2009
One Screen D-Mod CompilationD-Mod, MiscellaneousExceptional 9.5October 18th, 2007
Honor Quest (The)D-Mod, RompGood 8.2September 26th, 2006
DinkC EditorDevelopment, UtilityGood 7.5September 5th, 2006
EasyMP3MiscellaneousN/AAugust 21st, 2006
Dink Vs. Milder 2D-Mod, DemoGood 8.7June 10th, 2006
Cypry's Warrior Skills PackDevelopmentExceptional 9.0December 31st, 2005
WarCryMiscellaneousFair 6.9August 31st, 2005
Dink vs. MilderD-Mod, RompFair 6.2June 15th, 2005

cypry has written 16 reviews

Nice Christmas D-Mod Dink's Christmas AdventureNormalGood 8.0December 16th, 2007
Very important download for developers Dink Smallwood BMP GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.5September 22nd, 2007
This Was One of the 8 Entries in the Failure Dmod Contest PreludeNormalExceptional 9.3October 19th, 2006
I Like This New Savebot Graphics Alternative SavebotNormalGood 8.5October 16th, 2006
This is the First Mp3 Pack Ever Released MP3 MayhemNormalExceptional 9.3August 25th, 2006
"Dink Nuken - Darkland F*Cked Up Dink Nukem - Darkland F**d Up!NormalFair 6.7July 12th, 2006
The "Blood Scorpions" By Simeon is a Very Good Quest Blood ScorpionsFeaturedExceptional 9.5June 30th, 2006
This is a Short Historical Quest Reconstruction: The Freedmen's BureauNormalExceptional 9.2February 9th, 2006
The Scourger is Certenaly a Great Dmod Scourger (The)NormalExceptional 9.5November 22nd, 2005
Red Jacket Murderers Was Carrie's Dmod For Halloween Red Jacket MurdersNormalGood 8.9November 8th, 2005
This is a Lost Dmod ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZNormalHorrible 0.2August 15th, 2005
This Quest is More an Epic Cloud Castle 2: ScarabNormalExceptional 9.9August 4th, 2005
This is One of the Best Dmod's I've Ever Played Green Voice in my Head (The) - Part 1 - Hangover & AgonyNormalExceptional 9.7July 16th, 2005
Nice Little Non-Violent Dmod Dink Learns MusicNormalGood 7.9July 14th, 2005
It's Not a Masterpiece Adventures of Dink Bigwood (The)FeaturedFair 6.8June 24th, 2005
This Midi Pack Rules Christiaan's Midi PackNormalExceptional 9.6June 16th, 2005