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Dink's Christmas Adventure

Evil snowmen! Dink in SnowPeak Village It's warm and cozy indoors.
Dink misses his chance to tell Santa what he really wants for Christmas. So he decides to go to see Santa in person. This is a really short D-Mod, but it's Christmassy!
Released:December 11th, 2007
File Size:1.37 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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April 7th, 2008
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him bloop
A Christmas D-Mod made by Carrie2004. Actually I thought it was really enjoyable. Carrie have a certain style of her D-Mods, they're not the longest, but they're well made and kind of cozy little adventures. Honestly this D-Mod was the first thing this year that gave me Christmas feelings. Thanks

Dink is tired of just getting socks in Christmas presents so he decides to do something about it. Said and done, he actually travels to the North Pole to force ol' Santa to agree on his demands.

I laughed when I saw the Santa graphics! Brilliant, and to punch him down to make him listen... Very nice.

I thought the map was nicely decorated and made, not too special, but it fitted.

I didn't found that many downsides, really.
The things I can think of is that the underground passage were hidden pretty well, and the NPC's didn't help you very much. They didn't do anything honestly. Santa was quite strong, but then again, I hadn't bought enough potions.

I think every Dinker should play this D-Mod in their Christmas holidays. It contains new graphics (INCLUDING Carrie's obsession: BEAVERS!) and it's funny.

Good job Carrie!

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