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MP3 Mayhem

First ever original MP3 pack for dink smallwood. A prototype, you could say, for bigger and better things. (or not)

The focus is to get content out there for people interested in using high quality mp3 music in D-Mods who want crap with a little more diversity besides the original dink smallwood cd audio crap.

UPDATE: thanks to madstalker for suggesting to turn down the volume to hopefully resolve some sound issues
Released:August 13th, 2006
File Size:11.75 MB
Release Notes:2.0
August 25th, 2006
Score : 9.3 exceptional
Peasant Male Romania
Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice. 
This is the first MP3 pack ever released. It was released just after MP3 become possible in Dink, with Dink v1.08 Aural+. joshriot released 6 songs, all composed and performed by himself, using electric guitar, bas guitar, drum machine, keybord and probably others wierd musical instruments. The result is pretty good, perhaps too good for the first MP3 pack created for Dink. It also includes a text file, that tells which instruments were used, and a few words about each song.
The bad thing is that the author doesn't explain how to use the MP3s in a DMOD. I'll do it for him:
First, copy them in the "sound" folder of your DMOD. Then, treat them as if they were MIDI files. Rename them as numbers if you want to attach them to screens, or just use the playmidi function in a script to play them. Remember that the filenames must be shorter than 14 chars, or you'll encounter a nasty bug. Also remember that redink1 won't let you release DMODs that contain MP3, so if you want to use these in your DMOD, I suggest you to use MIDI files, and give instructions to the player how to replace them with MP3s.
Even if you're not a DMOD author, you should download this MP3 pack just for listening, since it's so good.
Normally, I'd give this a 9.0, but since it's the first MP3 pack ever released, I'd give it a 9.3.
Good job, joshriot!