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2002-07-25 05:22:46
: Just in case things erupt in more inane flame wars, here is a nice FAQ on banning.  Yes, I will make a rules page shortly.

: 1. What does banning do?

: There are two levels of banning.

: Level 1 blocks you from posting to the board for a to-be-determined amount of time, probably a week or so.

: Level 2 is more, er, 'theoretical'.  I believe I might be able to block people from most of the dynamic content on the site; i.e. you wouldn't be able to even visit the board, account, reviews, files, etc.

: 2. What will get you banned

: There will be no silly 'zero-tolerance'; banning will be on a case-by-case basis.  Meaning: there will be exceptions.  Probably

: Also, you will be warned before being banned.  Those currently on the warning list are dinkaholic, imacrazyguy, SabreTrout, and Tullisti.  There may be others; but those are the ones who come to mind right now.

: You might be banned for:

: * Posting excerpts from Instant Messenger conversations; what you say in IM is between you and the other person.  We do not want to hear about how someone called you a dirty name, or how someone really hates you, or about some conspiracy that you made up.

: * Posting personal information about someone else that they do not want public.  I.E. imacrazyguy's age.

: * Flaming someone else, like 'verbal abuse'.  This is sort of hard to define... but yelling at someone and calling them a lot of expletives, telling them to get off the board and never return, threatening them, etc.  If you want to call Tal a 'silly little dingbat' in jest, make sure you put a smiley on it

: * Acting like a jerk.  'nuff said.

: * Spamming.

: * Posting threads on "do u lik me" and silly things like that.  TDN is not a popularity contest.  Please don't make it one.  (Don't trust any rumors either.)

: 3. NOOOOOO! I'm going to be banned

: Most likely not.  As I said, I will be quite leniant... or you could just not do any of the above from now on.

: 4. Who will do this banning?

: I will, primarily.  I will ask other Dink Network staff members their opinions, or they may ask me to ban someone.  The other Staff don't have the ability to ban or delete messages by themselves.

: 5. Wait a minute... how do I know at which level and for how long I might be banned?

: It is purely subjective, unfortunatly.  If I feel it is a minor event, you'll get banned from Level 1 for a week or so.

: If it is more major, then it will probably be a Level 2 for a week as well.  If it is another major event after you've been banned a week...

: 6. Isn't this all just a bit silly?

: Yes, yes it is.  I've been in the mindset that banning isn't the correct way to go... but dealing with other people's petty problems on the board isn't an ideal way to spend one's summer vacation.

: 7. Won't you abuse this power?

: I don't think so.  At least, I hope not.

: 8. Will I be banned for calling FIAT the most crappiest D-Mod of all time, or something like that?

: No, of course not.  But if you post a message like, "POTA is the worst D-Mod ever, d**n mother f****r" then you might get warned.

Urr, right! But, will I be banned when I say "redink1 SUCKS like******" i dont mean it. Yeah, CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!!

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