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Save Scroll

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Released:December 30th, 2002
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Release Notes:v1.00
January 2nd, 2003
Score : 7.2 good
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Purpose: This file lets you add the possibility of using a save scroll in your D-mod so the player can buy such a scroll and save the game.

Installation: There are no guide lines in the readme.txt on how to use this file, but you should copy the .c files you want into the story folder of your D-mod and the .bmp file into the graphics (sub)folder. If you do not want to use the set sequence/frame of 850/1, 1 you should change that too. And perhaps you want to replace one of the item icons you do not use, so then you would have to change the name of the .bmp file too.

Use: You will have the save scroll in the inventory after you have bought it. If you select it and use it, you can save the game once. After that, the scroll will be deleted from the inventory.

Good: The file works al right. You can buy the scroll, it will be put into the inventory and when selected, it will immediately save your game. The file comes with a new item icon.

Not so good: The author does not say what this file is supposed to do, so you have to find that out for yourself. It also lacks any guide lines on how to use and where to install the files, and this could be confusing for newbies. The script for buying the scroll, has two ‘no’ options after you bought it: once you have pressed ‘no’ the first time, a second question pops up, and you have to press ‘no’ a second time to end the conversation. The game is only saved on slot 10 and when you want to save again, the old saved game will be overwritten.

Overall: A nice add on to be implemented in a D-mod.

Fit for: If you want players to have the possibility to save the game buy using a scroll or if you need an extra save option in your D-mod.