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March 10th, 2004
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: Dink has to find Larry’s father and when he discovers the dead body of this man, it turns out that he is killed by goblins. The same goblins are attacking the kingdom and Dink has to stop them.

Map and graphics: The map is done nicely. It is not very detailed nor very special to look at, but it is sufficient. There are some new graphics: a sword, a dagger, long bones that look like elephant teeth and a skull on a pole and there are two new animations, both of an end boss. All graphics look very good.

Music: The music suited the different kind of situations.

Good: The graphics are nice, and if you want to play a very easy D-mod, this is the one.

Not so good: There is no real adventure to play. You just walk around and thing are solved before you know it. You could do it with your eyes closed and that is very boring. There is not much of a story either nor much conversation and the lack of that makes it even more boring. There is really nothing to hold your attention. Annoying is that parts of the map do not have a decent border, so you think you can go further to the next screen but in fact you can not.

Overall: A small and very easy adventure.

Fit for: If you want to play a game in which you do not have to think.
October 30th, 2003
Score : 6.3 fair
This dmod is "North" by WarPlague.
The title screen is great and inventive. It gets you primed.
But it went "South" fast. It starts out with Dink, of course, on a mission to find his friends father. Why? This Larry guy is hostile and a real jerk to Dink. Let him find his own father. You, as the player, never find out the reason why the father is dead, who killed him, what does he add to the storyline, why is Larry so hateful. etc. But loyal honorable Dink goes for it. Ok. We got a start here. Shaky but a start.
He reports back to Larry. What happens? Nothing. Nada. Zip. No answers here. Next thing is Dink standing outside a house hearing the words "Run. Run away" He should have. Dink's question " What the h... is that about?" is my question. This storyline just gets worse, worse, worse. Dink tells the King about this madman he met in the woods. What? Where? When? HUH? Did I miss something? I certainly have before so, mercifully, maybe that's it. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. This game is so laughably (sadly) easy. Go here. Go there. Do this. Do that. But there is not any struggle to accomplish any of it. You go, you do, it's done. Most everything is handed to you, laying on the ground, or just "Gimme" "Ok". There are a few so-called secret area's. Hah! Wish I could find everything that easily. And what is the deal with the "Great Slayer"? He's there, there's a somewhat 'dumbo' joke, he's gone. Pooh! Most of the grapics are what you will usually see in a dmod but they are there simply for decorations. Don't think you will find any treasures, hidden passages, gold, potions, magic, etc. attached to the usual things. There are not even any scripts attached to anything. Boring! In Goblin Land, there is lab equipment inexplicably frozen in a lake. Why do authors think this enhances a game? It's like fish jumping in the middle of a store's floor. Why?? At one point in this game, Dink says " this plot sucks". Out of the mouths etc etc. Just walk around the second set of silly marching goblins. Don't even bother to fight. When you get to the end boss, just whack him once. Once!! What a thrill. Also, hardness areas abound in this game. You can practically walk anywhere or on anything you want. This game has no gameplay nor storyline and lots of errors.
But hey, this is not by any means the worst dmod out there. It does have some good stuff. I liked that it was short. Very short. Ok seriously, it had some good midis tho they quickly got repetitious. They did, however, actually fit the scenes that were happening at the same time. Such as when Dink had to fight the first goblins, the music had that 'danger ahead'. And that 'catch your breath, something this way cometh' music when he was going to fight the end boss. And other situations also. What I also like about the midi's is that just about the time the music got annoying, the author shut it off. Good move. I didn't think the scripting was particularly funny tho some did so you might like it also. There were a couple funny remarks. Oh and the map. The map was kinda nifty. Hand drawn and different. The only drawback was that it was mostly empty. But so was the game so dunno if that's a real drawback. Still, I liked it. The grapics concerning the title screen and the Big Boss' were... spectacular. Very imaginative. Why did you not use that imagination on the story and gameplay? oh well. The End Boss was actually two boss', each one beautifully rendered. The skull boss was deliciously mean and evil looking while the green guy looked evil too but scittered around the screen like he had ants in his pants. Now that made me laugh. But then I'm little strange. The other good thing that I got from this dmod is that since this is a first effort, it's a very very simple game that actually shows good potential. All it needed was more effort. The spelling and usuage of words was pretty good and certainly clear enough to follow along. This author will very likely make each sucessive dmod better and better. He has the talent if he can find the will. I hope for the best from this author in the future.
While I have done some harsh critiquing I do think the game is entirely playable for those who wish a break from the epics or the mind-burning twisters. It will play about 20 minutes and is so easy that you can relax and if you like this type of game, enjoy.

August 29th, 2012
Score : 4.6 tolerable
Peasant He/Him United States
Making Topics off-track faster then you can say it 
Plot: You have to find out what happened to Larry's father then after you find out you have to kill the goblin leader who is rather easy to kill
Music: It was nice, but to hear it I had to turn up my sound, but I turned it down after the loud noises I had to make
Time: It took about 7 minutes which was quite nice to do for a couple of minutes, but it could have been better
Personal: I think it was good for it's type it could of done better, but it had nice graphics and it had some nice conversations and characters
Sword's rating: He saw a glance and didn't do anything
Bugs: I didn't encounter anything, but I found a hardness error with the catapult before the goblin camp
Recommondation: It's good for those who like a quick adventure or want to waste some time doing whatever.
May 22nd, 2006
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant He/Him bloop
North, by Warplague.
I didn't enjoy this map very much. I forgot to go to Larry after I found his father and when I had killed the goblins, I didn't now who to talk too, because it did'nt work to talk with the king and Merlin was to no help either.

Good: I liked the skull graphic, and the title screen was cool.

Bad: I thought it was to easy and I couldn't complete it (maybe a bug if you miss a part in the story like I did...)

Overall: quite cool small D-mod, but I did get stuck little to much so I give it a 5.5

EDIT: I figured out how to do now in this D-Mod, and it wasn't a bug, just me who was stupid.
I liked it pretty much when I played it through again so I'll give it the new points of 7.5.
Good job!
August 20th, 2004
Score : 7.1 good
Nice little D-MOD with order based quests.

- Graphics were nice, had some good detail and some new stuff you dont see in every D-MOD.
- Layout of the map was good and included a few secrets.
- Had a plot and storyline.

- Music wasn't great and didn't fit the game.
- Hardness errors and place that look like you can go on but just end up being the edge.
- The boss looked really cool but was way to easy to kill.

Overall a good short D-MOD with a play time of 15 to 30 minutes.
December 11th, 2003
Score : 6.8 fair
Story: Simple but still ok.
The slayer warrior idea is good.

Good: nice new graphics. Very Funny. Love the skull animation!
Great music, and the title screen is very cool. Makes you want to play the game.

Bad: Too easy.

Bugs: I never found the body in the forest, or the mad man , but when i talk to the king Dink says: "One of the villagers has been found dead."
November 1st, 2003
Score : 7.0 good
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
North is about some Goblins that are up to no good. Why their leader is weaker than my grandma is something that only WarPlague knows.

I liked the game. Though it plays more like a demo of a larger game than a romp, the story was good enough (not good, but good enough), and new the best thing about the game certainly are the graphics!
Gameplay wasn't all that good, though not bad either, and music, which the author made himself, was pretty cool.
All in all the game's nice, but could have been better if he spend a little more time into this.

GRAPHICS 8: Nice new graphics, though the animation of the last boss (the one who runs around and dies as soon as you hit him) wasn't good, I think.
SOUND 7,3: Good new music, though somewhat repetive.
GAMEPLAY 7: It had something that made me play on until I finished it. There wasn't really anything special to do though, and the game was way too easy.
LASTING APPEAL 5: Too short, and nothing that makes you come back for more.

A nice romp, but lots of potential hasn't been used to its fullest.
October 26th, 2003
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant He/Him Sweden
North by WarPlague

Story: Goblins are attacking the kingdom and Dink has to stop them.

Good: Though it's a romp, there are some things to do, secrets to find, monsters to kill, the game has a start and end cutscene and a nice gameplay in between. The story is partially humorous.
But the best thing with this dmod is the new graphics, they look great! The title screen is also nice.

Bad: I killed the end boss so fast that I didn't saw much of him...
It doesn't take long time to finish the game. There are few item, spells or weapons to find.

Bugs: Only found one, a hardness error, I could walk out in the forest
from a secret glade.

Conclusion: A good romp, and better than most romps. The new graphics increases the overall score, the most.
October 25th, 2003
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him United States
North by WarPlague is about a goblin invasion from the north.

I really like the skull graphics especially at the end. Its awesome!
(Big +)
It has a plot and the gamplay is really easy.
Some parts of it funny.

I didnt like the music it got too repative and annoying.
The map was detail in some screens and empty in others.
The tiles didnt match very well but I didnt really mind.
The gobilins were very hard. I had to fireball them to death. They got easy when i found the magic sword.

Overall a good d-mod with few cons and pros but still a dmod to play and enjoy or to play to take a break from those really long epics =P.

October 25th, 2003
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant They/Them
Considering this is a first dmod release: excellent work !

* Great map ! Maybe not the easiest to read, but original in design and likeable because it's so much like a map anyone would handdraw.
* Great "boss" graphic
* Funny tongue-in-cheek dialogue
* It's got a storyline
* Several "secrets", though not too hard to find

Could be better:
* The music got a bit repetitive
* Easyness of gameplay - a few more subquest would have enhanced the game
* The sword was "given away", bit too easy to get it
* Only way to spend money was buying potions
* The bonca's and the goblins scored the same number of points, but the goblins were a lot harder to beat than the bonca's

Improvement suggestions:
* Small spelling error (Larry: "Have you find" = "Have you found")
* Some hardness errors (* practically in any screen where there is a hard forest bit to the east of an open area, * most people - I could walk right through them, * the castle - enter slightly off center of the door and you walk right through the walls etc) - the good thing was that you could get out the same way, without getting totally stuck and needing to start again from a save.
* Maybe keeping the village gate closed at the beginning (until you've spoken to Larry) - the explorer I am, I found the answer to the first "quest" before I spoke to Larry
* Make the playing field complete, now there are some areas you can't go to, though you'd expect to (notably the area below the first save engine).

I like the game, good work. The only real shame was that the game was only a romp and a bit too easy for my liking, definitely has the potential for a longer story.
Looking forward to more dmods by WarPlague.