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2003-07-11 11:32:33
Now, let me think a little. It doesn't have to be a terribly original story but it should be at least mpressive. Well, I say we use the old invasion thing. The game will begin with Dink's normal life inside which strange elements start appearing. Let's, a hunter from the north(?) comes into the village and brings terrible news about destroyd castles and lands. More, a peasant is found killed somewhere inside the woods. Then, one day, the King summons a council (the important thing is that it summons dink) and talks with him about the threat. Dink goes to investigate in anorthern village (well, the map ain't too high, so maybe they're coming from the west.anyway), and he finds the village crushed and burned. No survivors except for an old lady that shows him the truth: the invaders are...well, orcs, trolls, goblins, we'll think of something.

Well, ok, it sounds kind of too complicated. Don't know. What about a mountain that opens after thusands of years of sleeping, and an army of enemies (the ones in the game) comes out, so everithing gets kind of screwed up. Dink goes there because of a girl that says he is a coward. ok, bad idea. So anyway, he goes to the mountain and finds out that ancient evil hasbeen sleeping for ages inside the mountain (the dark world could work here). So dink fights inside the monster, kills the boss (that has to be something new! at least that!). Errr...period? yeah, and the chick is impressed, but dink feels sick when he sees her and...(Don't wanna marry him right now).

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NorthD-Mod, RompFair 6.7October 25th, 2003