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2005-02-20 23:48:08
Peasant Male United States
im quite skeptical of this story my friend has told me but hes is like the most honest person ive ever met, heck, hed take a bullet for me.

he lives in upstate new york 1 block from a cemetary. supposedly the cemetary was one of the most haunted locations in new york. a masoleum would rise out of the ground at night and go back down in the morning. his dad stayed a night there and claimed to have seen a statue cry blood. well one morning him and his friend too a walk through the cemetary. they relized how big it was. they went through some hedges and crashed into a coffin. they heard a wolfish-baby cry very loud and they ran. ran like hell. it was the last time they entered the cemetary. my friend's dad told me that inside the masoluem there was alot of graffitti of kids who camped inside of it. some got stuck in it when it sunk and never came out.

another story that my friend experienced was when he took a hiking trip up in maine for his school. this particular stary freaked me out quite a bit. well the students from his school also went on the trip. when they got to the woods it was around 11pm at night. the teacher was like "im not gonna follow you guys. something bout these woods, but i cant tell you." well the friend and the students hiked in anyways. well they began following a trail, following a leader, no flashlight or nothing. my friend told me they went throug ha barrier like place of brushes and branches. their feet started to move by them selves. no one ever made a noise. he said like his feet moved for him. they pasted another "barrier-like" place and saw specs of white al around them. after a few more steps they entered a clearing, all of a sudden they saw an indian guy sitting on a stump. no one ever said a word, the indian guy just stared at them. all of a sudden they entered another barrier-like area and the sky became red. they saw what looked like body parts hanging from the trees, and the same stump where the indian was instead there was a head which started back at them. the group went through about 5 more of these types of areas. then a kid said "lets go back" and my friend was leaading. he said that they went though all of the areas again with the indian guys and the body parts hanging from trees. he also said that he did not know where they were going cept his feet were moving for him, guiding him. they eventually went back to the parking lot. my friend checked the time it was only 11:25pm. no one ever said a word even on the busses home. but wen they got back to the school in new york at aroun 1am, everyone was all freaked out and the girls cried, the guys were all "wtf was that omg omg." pretty creepy stuff. after i heard this story i advoided woods for a while.

as for my personal experience. umm i was hiding in a dryer once when i was little playing hide and seek (still a fun game) my friends turned out the lights in the basement where i was and i saw a ghost. it flew around then went through the ground. i screamed running crying lmao. after that me and my friend came back and discovered a deep pit in the ground. so deep a flashlight light cant reach the bottom.

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