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2004-02-06 12:00:08
Omg, someone actually did write that. It is very unfair and mean-spirited of them.

However, The review itself seems to qualify under the guidelines (barely). Even tho a review is written with all evidence of trying to hurt the the author, it needs to be posted because it meets the requirements. If redink, or whoever, didn't validate it, there would be screams of partisanship, favoritism, etc. and a huge furor would blow up. It would turn into everybody complaining when they got a bad review, hurt feelings all over the board, and similar unpleasantness. Simon did the only logical thing he could do to counteract this kind of hatefulness....he wrote his own review.
Which is what I would have done for him if I had realized about this nasty review.

People use the anonymity of the board to do and say hurtful things but it will give them no real satisfaction. It's sad they feel that way. It would be better to step up and start a dialogue with a person or on an issue than to lurk around slinging hate and discontent.

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