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Peasant Netherlands steam duck
Mmmm, pizza. 
I'm called magicman here, but my real name is Joeri van Eekelen and I'm from The Netherlands.

I'm 31 years old and currently being a programmer with some startup in Leiden.

My interest in Dink goes off and on. It is currently off. Check back later. I kinda like sourcediving into the Dink engine, which is an awesome way at figuring out why some unexpected behaviour occurs.

Scripting techniques rant
Some Notepad++ Python scripts
Error in map_tile(); documentation.
Why void touch( void ) freezes, void die( void ) fails to complete, and you need wait(1) in loops.
About external(), spawn(), procedure calls, run_script_by_number.

For those interested, you can read my Dinkerview from early 2014.

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2006-03-29 18:11:49
Peasant Netherlands steam duck
Mmmm, pizza. 
You make a lot of wrong points to which I have something to say. But instead of writing 5 replies (as I'd usually do), I decided to quote up a few things and paste them into an über reply.

Philosophy is about trying to evualate the nature of rea;ity/existence.

You can try to evaluate a false nature of reality/existence. It will evaluate to false. Trivial, but true. Because you can try to evaluate it, it has part in philosophy. Also, if we do not know yet where to go, but we know at least one way not to go, we can eliminate that way and focus on other ways of which we aren't sure.

That's obvious. Self-evident things.

Then in what way could a number be self evident? A number is just some weird way to write an abstact concept which can be used for (at least) quantity (amount, length, mass, etc), proportion, location, amongst other things of which we might not know they exist. That I know more uses for a number, and have need for more numbers, than you, is your ignorance, not my brain gone wrong.

ADDITION TO THIS PART: What I mean to say, is that a number can only exist if there's a use for it. I can say I have this cool new number "1", but not be able to use it. Why the heck would I have this "1" to begin with?

Negative numbers are not irrational.

-1*Sqrt(2) is irrational. Sorry, math pun.

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