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House Graphics

Dink stood, wondering how he might enter the tiny houses.
This file contains 20 houses and have 4 different textures on their walls. It has also got two trees and some tiles and indoor graphics.
Released:June 6th, 2005
File Size:235.10 KB
Release Notes:v3.00
June 6th, 2005
Score : 4.2 tolerable
Peasant They/Them Netherlands duck
Mmmm, pizza. 
This pack consists of 27 sprite graphics, and 1 tileset. The sprite graphics are 20 houses, two doors, a teapot (wtf?), a pillar (I guess), a globe and two trees. The tileset is a modified version of Mike Snyders famous ts39.

There are a few pluspoints, and a lot of critique to give to these houses. I'll start with the critique so we'll end with the positive stuff.

- The houses look like plain, textured cubes. Some more creativity would be really nice.
- The angle of the houses isn't the same as the angle of the doors. This is true for at least half of the houses.
- They don't have shadows! Really, this is a big downside.
- The use of the textures. The top-texture is really only a side-texture, but rotated. This is best seen with the metallic-style house-15 and house-16. These are in the screenshot on the lower-right and in the middle.
- The tileset. Tilesets are only usable if they're 640*480 or smaller, this one is 1121*1024 and it looks like there's some part missing.

Positive stuff:
+ Nice textures.
+ I liked the trees. Especially the palm-style tree (house-26).
+ Indoor items are also really good, though I wonder why one would need a teapot. It's a nice teapot nonetheless.

I can't remember how the previous version(s) looked like, so I don't know if these are better or worse.

In short: I don't recommend this graphics pack for the houses. The trees, teapot and globe are nice, though.