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A stand-alone game using the Dink graphics, where Dink runs down a road avoiding spikes and collecting gold.
Released:December 31st, 2003
File Size:862.10 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
January 1st, 2004
Score : 4.7 tolerable
Peasant They/Them Netherlands duck
Mmmm, pizza. 
Wow, I believe this is the first stand-alone Dink game here. It's the first I have, anyway...

The aim of the game: Well, read the description. Dink runs down a road and has to collect gold and avoid spikes. You start with 3 lives and with these three you must gather as many points as possible. This is achieved by the time you're running, and by collecting gold. Gold adds 150 points. I don't know how many for each second.

Graphics: No really new graphics, except for the road and the interface buttons.

Sound: 2 New MIDI, no wav's used.

Gameplay: Well, it's pretty basic. Just use the arrow keys to move Dink. A few problems though:
1) Movement is with 'shocks' in it. Dink animation is faster than his actual movement.
2) You are hurt if you touch a spike with the head, not only with the feet. This makes it almost impossible to avoid the spikes.
3) You can't walk diagonally. Wether on purpose or not, I find this irritating.
4) It gets monotonous pretty quickly.
5) No pausing the game. Not that you ever live long enough to be needing to pause it.
There is a scoreboard, though.

And there isn't a readme included. Well... there actually is, but it isn't mentioned anywhere. Just press F1 to read it. Also, the scoreboard can use a nicer background, but this isn't very necessary.

Overall: The (I think) first stand-alone Dink game, and that's just plain cool, but the missing of the diagonal movement, the weird thing with the moving speed and the terribly large 'hardbox' of Dink are the things that make this one bad. It is fun to play for a few minutes, but not really something you keep doing. Nice try though.

To the Author:
- Add sound if you touch the coins or the spikes.
- See if you can find a way to alter the 'hardbox' of Dink. I know it's difficult with GameMaker, but it must be possible.
- Add a reference to the help somewhere.
- Fix the movement things. It's very irritating.