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Historical Hero


Dink thinks he has bought a manor from the Islands of Derlicon, but he will soon notice that his house is just a piece of crap.
Introducting himself to his neighbours, he will soon find out that his father is inprisoned in the Castle of Glamour, on the very same island Dink lives now.

Help Dink wander around Derlicon, buy houses, help people, behead ducks, and most important... kick those Goblins' ass and save your father!

The Epic adventure begins now!
Released:October 1st, 2010
File Size:1.48 MB
Release Notes:Fixes an odd bug that happened in the earlier Silver versions.
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March 11th, 2010
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant He/Him Sweden
So, after some files of varying quality Skull decided to create his first "Epic" dmod, a deed not many humans succeeded with before him. Skull did success to create an epic, and it isn't a bad one, I actually enjoyed playing it most of the time (and I don't even like playing dmods ). But Historical Hero had it's downsides, and I'll start listing those.

One big flaw in this dmod is the mapping. It looks as if it's done in a hurry, quite many screens are empty. There is also quite a lot of depth que errors, and you can walk under things like corpses and grass.

This I forgive as I myself know that making detailed screens can be really hard when you have that many. When bad mapping however starts to affect the gameplay it lowers the level of the players enjoyment a lot. I'm thinking about the lack of nohit's, many times during the game you had to fight in areas with cracks in the floor, dust etc. on which nohit wasn't activated, so fighting with a ranged weapon such as fireball, bow, hellfire and throwing axe was really painful for everyone involved (for dink as he kept dying, for the player because he banged his head on the keyboard in frustration and finally for the players wallet as it had to pay for the damage dealt to this very electronic device).

I also didn't find the gameplay very balanced, perfect around the beginning but towards the end, if you had bought the throwing axe, it was way too easy, but around the time for the finale battle it was too hard.

The quests where dull and repetitive; go there, come back, find that, talk to him, talk to him again and so on. Sometimes you knew exactly what to do and that was boring as you just kept running back and forth without having to think, but sometime they where too hard and I found myself stuck for hours with no clue what to do. The NPC wouldn't help me either as the standard dialogue where as following:

Dink: Can I help you with anything?
X: Yes, find Y and kill them.
Dink: You know where they are?
X: No idea.

There is nothing I hate more then running around aimlessly, so I think this is a huge downside.

I also ran into some other small annoyances, I was for example always wondering why you kept using those doors instead of the ones that comes with the houses, the ones you are using look bad and have a too small hardbox so I had to try several times to enter every door. Another disappointment was the magical fist, the one you can smash stones with. Dink doesn't really punch the stone, you just pressing SPACE and it disappears. It would be really cool if you played dink's punch animation upon choosing to use magical fist on the stone. It would be even cooler if you check the variable for the magic fist and which item was equiped in the void hit of the stones, and destroyed them that way.


Historical Hero is a big dmod indeed, the biggest one in years, and for this you deserve credit. Also it isn't bad like a couple of other big dmods we have around here. It may have it's weaknesses but have so many good things too! I just loved the intro and the other cut-sceens as they develop the story forward and enriches the gameplay. A couple of cut-sceens is a must for a dmod of this size, that is something I have to work with on my own dmods.

So the cut-sceens in the beginning set the start of a great story, but it was really towards the second half of the game the story got a grip of me, I couldn't stop playing, I had to know how it would end! I wont go into details as I don't want to spoil it for players in the future, but I will say that I loved it, it's the dmods main strength.

I also loved the fact that you could see how many percent you've completed of the game, and that the game didn't end with the end ( ) so that you actually could keep playing after to get all percent.

There was also some really entertaining bosses and tasks in this game such as races and bosses that involved pushing a lot of barrels, of which I will reveal no details so I don't ruin the game for other players.


Nice game, which I had fun playing but it had it's downsides, and I got frustrated and had to ask Skull for help more than once. It's not one of my favourite dmods but I still recommend it to everyone. If you like running around and looking for things you'll love it for sure.
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