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Historical Hero

August 31st, 2011
SILVER 3.00.
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Jester He/Him Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
There aren't that many new epics lately, and I played through this not long ago, so I thought I'd review it now.

This Dmod is one of Skull's latest and it was one of the ones that showed he had greatly improved his Dmodding skills. It's difficult enough to succesfully completely make an epic Dmod, let alone make it enjoyable. This is mainly because it is very long, and you need to create a variety of different stories within a big story to keep it interesting, and this can become quite tedious.

I will not spoil anything, as per usual, but I will say this - the way the story starts is quite interesting straight up, as you instantly know this is a Dmod somewhat based around Dink's father. In my opinion, Dmods that try to further explain anything about the original game, it's characters, or it's events, instantly spark an interest in the player, fueled by curiosity as to what the Dmods author's opinion was on that particular event, so you keep on playing to find out, so this was a good strategy on Skulls part. Unfortunately, I think some of the 'little' stories(or side-quests, as they would normally be called) within the big story are a little repetetive, and the focus is more on keeping them moving, rather than paying specific attention to detail - I'm not saying all of them are like this, only a couple... most of them kept me well entertained. Overall, the story was well-done.

The graphics were used well, and then were a few new graphics, and some graphics used in 'new interesting ways'. I did notice however that some screens were a little plain and could have been a little more detailed, but this is understandable because it is easy to run out of ideas on a Dmod as big as this. The screens that were detailed were very well done, and there were a few particularly interesting ones that were quite unique, and I liked them a lot.

Game sounds and music
The game sounds were adequate and were used well. The music added to the scenery as well. There were only one or two themes that I think could have been better for the particular scenery in my opinion, but most of them were very well chosen.

Historical Hero is a very good attempt at an epic Dmod, and in my opinion, a very enjoyable one. I recommend you download this and play it. It will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Score: 9.0
March 11th, 2010
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant He/Him Sweden
So, after some files of varying quality Skull decided to create his first "Epic" dmod, a deed not many humans succeeded with before him. Skull did success to create an epic, and it isn't a bad one, I actually enjoyed playing it most of the time (and I don't even like playing dmods ). But Historical Hero had it's downsides, and I'll start listing those.

One big flaw in this dmod is the mapping. It looks as if it's done in a hurry, quite many screens are empty. There is also quite a lot of depth que errors, and you can walk under things like corpses and grass.

This I forgive as I myself know that making detailed screens can be really hard when you have that many. When bad mapping however starts to affect the gameplay it lowers the level of the players enjoyment a lot. I'm thinking about the lack of nohit's, many times during the game you had to fight in areas with cracks in the floor, dust etc. on which nohit wasn't activated, so fighting with a ranged weapon such as fireball, bow, hellfire and throwing axe was really painful for everyone involved (for dink as he kept dying, for the player because he banged his head on the keyboard in frustration and finally for the players wallet as it had to pay for the damage dealt to this very electronic device).

I also didn't find the gameplay very balanced, perfect around the beginning but towards the end, if you had bought the throwing axe, it was way too easy, but around the time for the finale battle it was too hard.

The quests where dull and repetitive; go there, come back, find that, talk to him, talk to him again and so on. Sometimes you knew exactly what to do and that was boring as you just kept running back and forth without having to think, but sometime they where too hard and I found myself stuck for hours with no clue what to do. The NPC wouldn't help me either as the standard dialogue where as following:

Dink: Can I help you with anything?
X: Yes, find Y and kill them.
Dink: You know where they are?
X: No idea.

There is nothing I hate more then running around aimlessly, so I think this is a huge downside.

I also ran into some other small annoyances, I was for example always wondering why you kept using those doors instead of the ones that comes with the houses, the ones you are using look bad and have a too small hardbox so I had to try several times to enter every door. Another disappointment was the magical fist, the one you can smash stones with. Dink doesn't really punch the stone, you just pressing SPACE and it disappears. It would be really cool if you played dink's punch animation upon choosing to use magical fist on the stone. It would be even cooler if you check the variable for the magic fist and which item was equiped in the void hit of the stones, and destroyed them that way.


Historical Hero is a big dmod indeed, the biggest one in years, and for this you deserve credit. Also it isn't bad like a couple of other big dmods we have around here. It may have it's weaknesses but have so many good things too! I just loved the intro and the other cut-sceens as they develop the story forward and enriches the gameplay. A couple of cut-sceens is a must for a dmod of this size, that is something I have to work with on my own dmods.

So the cut-sceens in the beginning set the start of a great story, but it was really towards the second half of the game the story got a grip of me, I couldn't stop playing, I had to know how it would end! I wont go into details as I don't want to spoil it for players in the future, but I will say that I loved it, it's the dmods main strength.

I also loved the fact that you could see how many percent you've completed of the game, and that the game didn't end with the end ( ) so that you actually could keep playing after to get all percent.

There was also some really entertaining bosses and tasks in this game such as races and bosses that involved pushing a lot of barrels, of which I will reveal no details so I don't ruin the game for other players.


Nice game, which I had fun playing but it had it's downsides, and I got frustrated and had to ask Skull for help more than once. It's not one of my favourite dmods but I still recommend it to everyone. If you like running around and looking for things you'll love it for sure.
March 19th, 2015
Score : 3.0 tolerable
Peasant He/Him Equatorial Guinea duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
I decided to go ahead and play through the Historical Hero series after completing...I don't even remember. But the point is, I decided to play them. I just remember the other times I played this one, there was almost no direction at all.

Dink purchases a house that is priced at one hundred thousand gold for no reason in Old Derlicon. From there, he just needs to go rescue his dad from the Castle of Glamour which is under the control of King Daniel's knights and being defended from...sigh. Goblins.

More goblins. I get that this is supposed to be a sort of followup to the whole goblin war thing, but I just find these guys boring. It certainly doesn't help that they are powerful little dinks and take a long time to take down.

The formula for this game is not good. To get to the Castle of Glamour, Dink has to travel through 5 towns in a row. There's hardly any room between each town and there isn't much to fight either. You've got pillbugs, boncas...and that's it. There's a weird looking bonca that can show up, but the only time I encountered it, I was too weak to challenge it.

The hyper boots are an absolute necessity here. The game primarily consists of running around each town, talking to everyone to find something to do, and eventually ducking around enough to move on to the next town.

In the second town you'll encounter a ripoff of Cloud Castle 2's Scarab Club 7 called The Disturbed Rats. You've got a gnome called BatHat who is pretty much just Pencil Head, a knight who you take out early on, and the leader John who is just Kurt without armour. The similarities between these two are easy to spot - Kurt and John are both selfish leaders who are only using their teammates to achieve their ultimate goal. But in the end, BatHat is the one you'll be facing last since John is also taken out early on for some reason.

Speaking of Cloud Castle 2, there is also a water problem that you must solve by entering a well and defeating the badguys responsible. Nope, not the Disturbed Rats this time...just a couple of goblins for absolutely no reason at all but to stall you. This is where I encountered my first game breaking bug. You have to bomb the blockage of rocks and then leave. Thing is, I first tried exiting through the right and Dink wouldn't let me. So I grabbed the bomb and blew up the rocks and then tried to exit through the left since the stairs weren't working. I ended up being forcefully taken into the rocks where I became stuck.

Another game breaking bug was in the final dungeon when I fought BatHat for the last time. You have to push barrels while avoiding his magic spells to deactivate a fence blocking your way to him. He then runs away and you have to chase him to the final room and finish him off. Problem is, when I got back to the first room, BatHat was there again and the screen was locked. Since the fence and button were gone, there was nothing I could do. I don't know how the hell this dmod went through so many updates without this obvious bug being ironed out especially considering it's a story battle that won't allow you to proceed. I ended up just removing everything in the room save the button, fence and bonuses I think.

There were some bad decisions in the writing. A minor thing, I guess, but near the start Dink uses the term 'n00b'. I don't know how the hell that belongs in a dmod like this, but to make things worse there's a part later on where zeddexx and gokussj6 make an appearance and they use outdated l33tsp33k shit too, I believe. That scene serves no purpose, but I guess a cameo's a cameo?

One of the biggest issues with this game aside from the linear townjumping, fetch questy, formula was the enemy power. Once I left the northern-most town, I was greeted by slayers who I ended up just running past. Not too problematic yet, but it became so at the Castle of Glamour. Now, everything is so powerful that pillbugs hit me for 50 points of hp or so. 50! I thought I was doing alright for a while with all the bonuses and such, and I was increasing only defense throughout as far as I know when I gained a level. There are also corridors where there are slayers that can kick your ass quick as well. The fireball is somehow an alright spell, but it'll take a lot of them to win.

Going back a bit, there was a town where I had to endure knight training taught by BatHat. The obstacle course was some fences and some slayers. Three issues here - the gaps in between the fences are almost completely unnoticeable and it looks like there's nothing but dead ends. The second issue was the slayers. They're just too strong for how powerful I could get up to that point. The third...the timer. Two minutes. I almost spent all that time trying to figure out how to get through the pillars with barely visible gaps. I had to cheat. I was just out of patience at this point.

Final battle was Seth for no reason. It pretty much just came out of nowhere. Up until this point, Dink was after BatHat and King Daniel. But then suddenly Seth is part of this, because I guess a machine that can turn people into stone attracts his attention. Cool boss fight though.

But about that machine. John's plan was to turn everyone into stone in order to rule the world or something. I don't know what the hell he was planning on doing after that though. He had absolutely no motivation. I think he was just a bad villain. Yeah, that must have been it.

Overall, this is not a super good epic like the reviews would lead you to believe. I think we were just years without a new epic and when this came out, people were just glad to have a new epic to play. That's what I'm just going to go with, at least. And with the level of mapping and the quality of the quests, I think this was was pushed out just to become the first epic in years. It certainly didn't feel much like an adventure at all to me. It was really just a straight line which too many towns clogging up the map and little to explore and fight.

I don't do good on scoring, and lately I just don't feel like scoring a game is right. It's too final and anyone could just look at a score and not read. But I guess I'll just go with 3.0.
March 11th, 2010
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him New Zealand
I'm pretty sure I'm worth atleast SIX goats... 
This dmod is by far the best Skull has ever made!
In this dmod you can do things such as buy houses, get a girlfriend, go to knight school, and much much more!

The good

The one thing i ALWAYS love about dmods is the humour. Humour just makes it all
worth while, even if a dmod is crappy, its fun when theres good humour!
so just imagine what good humour would do in a truley good dmod like this!
The humour was awesmoe, kudos to skull!
The dmod has good english, keeping in mind that skull is finnish, many have
said his english in past dmods had been below spec, but since then he has polished
up his english incredibly well.
I also commend him for all the great idea's he has utilized, like the above mentioned.
The map is awesome and quite rarely boring, with much time and care put into the landscape and eye candy. I give skull further praise for a truck load of side quests
and missions all of which are not to hard and not to easy to complete.
For all the good in this dmod i give it a solid 9.5!

The bad

As i have mentioned above, the map work is awesome but there were times when the screens got a bit boring and bland, i think this could be blamed on the fact that many dinkers were crying for this dmod to be released soon, also the lazyness that is commonplace among modders .
The only other thing is that the first version of the dmod released had a huge bug...
You were unable to finish the game! again i blame this on crying dinkers, like me .
For the bad i minus 0.5.

Sum up

All in all this dmod is extremely entertaining and fun, with great humour!
I must also mention again the brains put into the great ideas within this dmod.
Also thanks to skuul for the little cameo appearance he inluded of me!

In conclusion, this dmod is well worth every byte of download!
So download this awsome mixture of fun, humour, adventure, love and awsomeness
and be happy!