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September 23rd 2017, 09:38 AM
Peasant Male Japan
New version - looks like we're almost there as far as compatibility goes?

------ Change log for 1.7.9 ----------

* Fixed another DMOD installer problem related to 0 byte files
* Dink now continues to download and install dmods when in the background, but everywhere else pauses automatically
* After installing a dmod, you can now choose to play it now or go back to the browse dmod list
* DMOD data downloaded from dink network is now cached for that session (it's not going to change so quickly, so why stress if we don't have to)
* (Bugfix) "installing <dmod>..." text message is no longer truncated in a weird way sometimes
* (Bugfix) Fixed another issue where a base graphic could fill in with a missing .bmp in a sequence when it shouldn't
* Huh, turns out .D files are always loaded before .C files. I switched back to including .D files, otherwise if you didn't do a clean install my start.c changes don't show up
* Fixed it so freedink.exe and the old dink can be run directly from the Dink HD directory without crashing. I didn't actually test it before, they didn't like / instead of \ in my .ini previously.
I also added the CD and splash.bmp that were missing
* Quick tip that pops up when playing the normal game now talks about the F1/F8 instant state save/load feature instead of talking about pressing the "pause icon" which doesn't even exist on the Windows build

- Note: Just to be safe, save state version has changed, so old save states won't load