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How to install graphics from graphics packs?

July 15th 2006, 08:43 PM
Peasant Male
I have just downloaded the SOB graphics pack and am completely clueless as to how to get them installed so you can place them in the editor. I have some history with DinkC but other than that a pretty new modder for Dink.

Skuz the Sharga
July 15th 2006, 09:20 PM
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Its quite hard, I don't remember, but you have to add lines to Dink.ini and stuff.
July 16th 2006, 12:31 AM
Peasant Male
Would this be it:

POSTED BY: Rabidwolf

Try checking out Simple Graphics for information on how to make graphics for your DMOD. That's where you can start.

Once you have your graphic, you need to save it as something like XX-01. "XX" just being the name you give it, "-" (which isn't really needed) to separate it froom the number and a two digit number that will be your frame number. xx-01 for the first frame xx-02 for the second frame and so on and so forth...goes up to 50 frames per sequence. You named it. Now your next task is to open dink.ini in your DMODs directory and find a sequence number that isn't taken. I know from experience that 98 is unused, so lets remember that number. Now you need to add a line in dink.ini so it knows to load your graphic. So now we add this line:

load_sequence_now graphics\xx- 98

"load sequence_now" tells it to load this sequence, "graphics\" is where your new graphic is located, and "xx-" is the name of your file. Why not use the numbers? The game already knows to do that so that it loads all (up to 50) frames in that one line.

Now open your edit your DMOD, select a screen, press enter to modify tat one screen, press "tab" to get into sprite mode, and then "E" to load the sprites. Your graphic should be visible on the first page of thumbnails. If it is not, you screwed up. Backtrack if this happens. Doublecheck the names of the graphics, make sure you aren't skipping any numbers. Check the dink.ini file of your DMOD to make sure you did everything properly and if you still can't make it work, try to get a second oppinion.

Now your graphic should be in your DMOD, and you should be in the editor. Now you need to edit the hardbox. Go to the sequence that your graphic is on and open that. Now you should see all the frames of that sequence. Press "E" and a white screen with your graphic should come up. A cross should be in the middle of the screen. You can edit the position, but you may not need to. Press "tab" and a purple box should come up. Use the arrow keys to move it to where Dink shouln NOT be able to walk on/through. Notice that only two of the directions will expand the box. To expand in the other directions, press "tab" again. Fix this the way you think is 'proper' and hit "s". This saves your change to dink.ini in your DMOD. If you keep pushing it, you will get more lines added, so don't do that. You should hear a 'boing'. So you saved the hardbox changes. Now hit escape so you get back to the screen with all the frames. Get the one you just edited, and press enter. Now its on the screen. Move it where you want it on the screen and hit enter to drop it there. Then you want to make it hard. While having your object picked up, press "9" a box that says New Hardness will come up with a 1 in it (by default) delete the 1 and make it 0. Press enter to confirm ths and set it back down. You now have a new graphic in your DMOD. Run the DMOD and go to that screen and it should be there.

I think I made that clear enough.

I remember I saw it somewhere, just did a search of the forums.
July 16th 2006, 02:23 AM
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
Yes, that's how to do it.
July 16th 2006, 10:33 PM
Peasant Male
One more question, how does the Dink game know that it is a monster/moving object? Won't that just make it stay still? Or if you give it the brain of a monster (what is it again? 2?) it will load all the sequences for that frame, and know when to attack and all?
July 18th 2006, 04:08 PM
Peasant Male Romania
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Not at all.
The thing that tells dink that a monster is a monster is indeed it's brain. A monster brain should be 9 or 10. Also for a monster to move, you should set his speed(by default is 0, so he can't move). Another thing that should be set it's his base_walk, that tells the engine which graphic to load when the monster moves.
As for other things... hmmm... why don't you check a monster script, like "en-bonc.c"? It's much more explicit than I can be.
July 21st 2006, 10:41 PM
Peasant Male
One thing I have always been confused of is the difference between 9 and 10. 9 is a monster with no diagram and 10 is with a diagram. What is a diagram?

Also, how would you set the base walk? Would you tell it the sequence number? Can you enter more than one for the different directions? Arghhh!! I am so confused!
July 21st 2006, 10:54 PM
dia means diagonal, not diagram... 9 if for diagonal style images for the monsters, and 10 is for non diagonal monsters, like the dragon.
July 22nd 2006, 07:15 AM
Peasant Male Netherlands
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Perhaps you should read the DinkC Reference which lists all the brains in detail.

A base walk is a multiple of 10 and it indicates the base sequence for the walking animations. For example, if the base walk is 250, then walking to down-left should be in sequence 251 and walking to top-right in 259 (see your numpad for the numbers).
July 23rd 2006, 02:12 AM
DinkC Referance is my savior- long live it (at least until a even more concise version comes out.)