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February 25th 2005, 09:03 AM
As you has notice on the topics that we are creating a new DMOD. THe title of it is still not quite sure. We have one but Maybe I will change it after all. Because it has not much to do with the game.

It will contains about all purple blocks in the dinkeditor. There will be a lot to do in the DMOD. And somethings will be very hard. There a lot of new sprites in it. Someones made by our own and some downloaded from this board.
But there will be still a lot of original Dink Sprites.

One thing we will say about the DMOD itself.
The world is gonna be overruled by a terrible evil. Dink must stop this person or the world is doomed. (More will be told in the future.)

But before we will going to release it need a few betatesters. I have still a few months work on this DMOD. I think we will have it ready in the end of APril 2005. So then I need a few betatesters.

So if you're interested and you want to test it. Just wait to April and you might will be able to betatest it.

I think it will be when it is ready about 100 mb when you install it. SO you need some free space on you're HD.

But one thing is for sure when I am gonna release all the scripts will be in .d files. And when someone wants one of the scripts for using by its own. Just ask and you will get it.
Because a lot of answers are in the scripts so that's why I will make them .d.

Greetings Dinkholland and Missdink.

P.S. When you are interested in betatesting in April. Just let us know.
March 3rd 2005, 03:58 AM
I am going mad about scripting. I am still busy with scripts on the second land. But it is driving me nuts. Everytime I go to bed I see in my dreams &story >= or playsound( ) etc.
The hard parts is in add item. That is almost killing me sometimes.

Last night I was also making screens and I made a big mistake. I made in the beginning of that evening something with the brain 6 (repeat). You all could guess now what happened. Two hours later I played that part I made. And what happened. A lot of trees, houses, people had brain 6. I cursed almost everything that was on earth and later I fixed everything.

That is all I wanted to say. Now back to the Rudiments of Scripting.
March 3rd 2005, 08:02 AM
I've just put all thwe new sprites of SimonK in it.
But for the use of those sprites am I still thinking about. I have a certain idea for the female Goddess.

Perhaps I will let the phoenix be evil.
March 25th 2005, 03:19 PM
THe new dmod will be a little bit later released. It has more to do then I expected in advance. I also made some really annoying bugs in scripts so I have to fix that.
And about landscaping that is already been made. Except for the details just the kind of tiles and hardnesses of the screens.

Also our inspiration of how the story continues is a little bit zero. So we have to think about a good continue and also I am busy to put some new music in the dmod.

I am intending to make some screenshots but first I have to get some more spare time. I have not many of it now. So that's why we will release our dmod later.

Happy Easter

Dinkholland and Missdink
March 26th 2005, 10:51 AM
As I already said, I'd like to be beta tester of your game. I have some ideas for ur game (hope I m not too late with that).
- agility, luck and honour are not new but what do you think about a stat like potion making:
you can make several potions with fruit (appels, strawberries, mandarines, grapes). The higher ur lvl is the more sort of potions you can make. for example: elixers, potions that increase stats like defence attack and magic for a short period of time, potions that have the same effect as herb boots, and potions that morph you into other creaters.
Of course u can use the potions but u can also sell them to make profit.
-the option to sail with boats is not new (pilgrims Quest). but if you could make enemy boats (pirats) to fight with that would be great.
-new landscapes are always welcome. How about a sky landscape where u can walk over clouds (I haven't played cloud castle 1 so I don't know if that already exists)

I hope u like my ideas and u will use some of them in ur dmod.

March 26th 2005, 05:08 PM
Noble Male United Kingdom
-new landscapes are always welcome. How about a sky landscape where u can walk over clouds (I haven't played cloud castle 1 so I don't know if that already exists) - No, Cloud Castle has nothing like this in.

potions that increase stats like defence attack and magic for a short period of time, potions that have the same effect as herb boots - On the other hand, it does have these in. You'll have to remember to change a global so Dink can't save whilst one of the stat potions is in effect, as this leads to an easy (and often accidental) cheat.

I like the idea of having other stats, as Simon did in PQ, and didn't Ric have thief skill in Bane of the Magi? Other stats/abilities could include Potion Making, Charisma, Persuade, Sharpen Weapon (for that deadly first strike), New Language... , anything you can think of really.
March 30th 2005, 03:07 PM
I am still haven't any clue of how to continue our dmod I am still working on some graphics and some scripts.

I already checked some websites for names. I have a little idea but I have to work on that in my head before I put it in the dmod.

Our dmod contains a few worlds all to play and to finish before enter the next one.

April 4th 2005, 12:48 AM
Peasant Male
I have an idea for the female goddess too, the fact that she only has one direction of harp playing, she could be used to grant upgrades and spells to the character thru the magic of her harp
April 17th 2005, 04:09 PM
I am gonna make a dmod full of new music I found some really cool sounds. ANd I am gonna use them.
THere are to cool to be unused.

I haven't played a dmod that has so many cool sounds.
May 16th 2005, 02:45 PM
It will take some time to release this dmod. I want it to be perfect. Missdink has the same thoughts.
We are very busy with some other things so the release of our new dmod will be much later.
We are working on it when were be able to.
But we both want to release it perfect. So we are want some time and then when ready we are uploading it to this board.

greetings missdink and dinkholland