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Redink, can you see member's entry dates?

August 31st 2022, 06:27 AM
Peasant She/Her
So I dug deep into the DN archives to find out when exactly I came and left DN. Forum Index "only" goes back to July 18th 2002, and my 1st Dmod saw the day of light on February 9th, 2002, so surely I must've been here in 2001, since making a Dmod costs time, but I also had to learn scripting because I had never done that before.
But perhaps Redink can see in admin or database when I became a member? Come to think of it: there's nowhere any mention of when people became a member. I know on other forums it can be seen next to the name.

6 April 2005 was my last entry on forum, so I spent about 5 years here, and then took sabbatical (like Skurn so elegantly put it ) for 17 years.

Funny though, rummaging through all those old posts. I did notice I asked a lot of questions back in the days, haha!
-Herb boots graphic, where is it?
-Whats the script to give Dink money?
-Weapons for add() proc?
-and the list goes on and on, lol.
August 31st 2022, 08:50 AM
King He/Him United States bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
Oh gosh, I don't think so

The Dink Network went under several revisions in the early days. Originally it was built on top of a couple open source libraries (newspro and gossamer threads) until WC and I rewrote everything circa 2002. That's when this forum dates back to, and when everyone had to create new accounts.

I don't believe I have any backups from the old systems, sadly.
August 31st 2022, 02:08 PM
Peasant She/Her
I vaguely remember that. Wasn't it at first really really blue?
August 31st 2022, 09:05 PM
Jester He/Him Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
You can get a glimpse of the old DN look by going to the rules page, which was never brought across to the new look

September 1st 2022, 02:19 PM
Peasant She/Her
Ah, yes, that's how I remember it!
Now I also see that the grey area on top of this forum is the same sword that used to adorn the old blue site. The blue one is more cosy and got a homely feeling, but this one is more clean and bussiness like. I like them both, for different reasons.