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August 31st 2022, 06:27 AM
Peasant She/Her
So I dug deep into the DN archives to find out when exactly I came and left DN. Forum Index "only" goes back to July 18th 2002, and my 1st Dmod saw the day of light on February 9th, 2002, so surely I must've been here in 2001, since making a Dmod costs time, but I also had to learn scripting because I had never done that before.
But perhaps Redink can see in admin or database when I became a member? Come to think of it: there's nowhere any mention of when people became a member. I know on other forums it can be seen next to the name.

6 April 2005 was my last entry on forum, so I spent about 5 years here, and then took sabbatical (like Skurn so elegantly put it ) for 17 years.

Funny though, rummaging through all those old posts. I did notice I asked a lot of questions back in the days, haha!
-Herb boots graphic, where is it?
-Whats the script to give Dink money?
-Weapons for add() proc?
-and the list goes on and on, lol.