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let's do a bug list or something

Dink Smallwood HD

November 23rd 2017, 02:53 AM
Peasant He/Him Equatorial Guinea duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
...for 1.8.9.whatever. here, i'll start with some shit i came across earlier.

as good as eternity
- lightning sword doesn't choppo the vineos. (errr, apparently it does. i walked through the rocks to get there since acid rain wasn't charging. don't need to use it though, apparently. how obvious...)

sour gummy worms
-gained however many exp. was taking forever to add up so i saved and loaded and now i'm stuck at 99999 exp.

dink's nightmare
-same as above. the way the status bars work in this version sucks. speed up the exp gain like crazy or just go back to fireballs and equipping forcing it to update instantly...though sometimes, throwing a fireball or something does force it. but usually not.

pilgrim's quest
-scroll to end burny trees don't do shit
-nakey mermaids plaster themselves everywhere. saw the ice shit from the ice sword do this too in the disciple.

malachi the jerk
-dungeon dave's puzzle doesn't work

dink goes boating
-doesn't work at all. probably also applies to other dmods that require true colour.

cloud castle 2
-burnable cacti are invisible until hit, then they warp to the point of flamey impact and then burn

broken windows
-can't escape from solitaire.

as good as eternity
-acid rain doesn't charge. think this happened in other stuff, but it never charges in as good as eternity.

attack of the mutant veggies
-invisible walls all over the pavement.
-crashes when entering weapon store

the rings of destiny
-status bars don't draw until reloading

dink hd in general
-"press f1" message sticking around forever
-fullscreen toggling randomly
-sprites vanishing
-cursor not releasing when menu is open

post more. or something. also, not a bug, but the extra key script support might not exist still. dropping didn't work in as good as eternity. so, the scourger and dinky dimensions: fiat will be impossible to beat about 50 hours in because of that.
November 23rd 2017, 09:17 AM
Peasant They/Them Australia
Doesn't Boating require palette colour mode? Also has anyone tested the Blackjack script yet? It caused terrible issues in the past that required the save state to be deleted.
December 5th 2017, 08:07 PM
Peasant He/Him Equatorial Guinea duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
yes, has anyone
December 6th 2017, 08:42 AM
Peasant He/Him Hungary bloop
The nation above all 
2001: A Bloop Oddyssey
-Fred appears as an old man instead of a fish.
April 26th 2018, 11:25 PM
OK first of all I am using a Mac, yes I know haha Macs are not as good as PCs for gaming, but seriously, there is a macOS version of Dink Smallwood HD so I will be talking about that.

Anyway, so first of all, this website does not even have the macOS version of Dink Smallwood HD which you can find at Direct link to the file:

On a Mac they use .dmg instead of .zip files to package downloads and executables are .app instead of .exe files, otherwise it is fairly similar to Windows. So yeah you need to include the macOS download for Dink Smallwood HD here on the Dink Network since actually a lot of people have Mac computers out there, Mac computers don’t have anywhere near as many games available for them as Windows computers, and yet this game both can run on a Mac and is quite a good game.

OK so now that I got out of the way how you need to provide a download for this I will get to the bugs I have found in Dink Smallwood HD on macOS.

When I run the game on my Macbook with its 1280x800 pixel display, with its menu bar on the top and that “Dock” thingie with all the icons on the bottom, well, the available number of pixels vertically between the menu bar and Dock is less than 768. But since there are MORE than 768 pixels below the menu bar if you ignore the Dock, and Dink Smallwood HD ignores the Dock, Dink Smallwood HD runs in a 1024x768 window and the bottom part of it is cut off and unavailable since it is behind the Dock. So the “Back” button in the main window is off the edge and cannot be clicked, unless I set the window size to 640x480.

And now we get to fullscreen where there is a similar problem. First of all, the “Toggle fullscreen (or Alt-Enter)” option in the settings does absolutely NOTHING when it is clicked on. The only way to toggle fullscreen is to go to the macOS menu bar at the top of the screen and in the Window menu, click on “Enter Full Screen” or “Exit Full Screen”... well OK there is one other way too, in the upper left corner of the window are 3 different colored buttons, a red one to close, a yellow one to minimize, and a green one to toggle fullscreen, and the green button in the upper left also works.

But in then in fullscreen mode again we have a similar problem where the bottom of the screen gets cut off only it is even worse. In fullscreen mode it is because Dink Smallwood HD expands to fill the entire width of the screen despite having a 4:3 aspect ratio for its contents, so since my screen has an 8:5 aspect ratio (also known as 16:10, slightly taller than 16:9), well, the bottom part still gets cut off since 4:3 would be 16:12 or 8:6. On my 1280x800 screen, Dink Smallwood HD in fullscreen mode thinks it can display things at a resolution of 1280x960, and cuts off the bottom 160 pixels off the bottom edge of the screen.

There IS a workaround. Well actually 2 workarounds. In windowed mode, on my 1280x800 screen, I click on 640x480 in options and that gets things to fit inside the area of the screen below the menu bar and above the Dock, although admittedly things look a bit small. In fullscreen mode, I click on 1024x768 in options and then things look pretty good. Actually very good. Other than the 32 wasted pixels at the bottom of the screen of course. Oh and I CAN click on either 1280x960 or 1920x1080 while in fullscreen mode and the game fills up the entire screen but then the aspect ratio is wrong regardless of aspect ratio setting in the options menu. It would be nice if the game could actually resize to any resolution at all with the correct aspect ratio. This would mean, for instance, that when running in fullscreen mode with a screen height of 800 on a widescreen monitor, it would be 1067x800, since 1067x800 is the biggest resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio that fits inside the dimensions of 1280x800. That is just one example of course, there are other screen resolutions besides 1280x800 out there, in fact a wide variety. Not on my computer, at least not if we are counting native resolution. But if we are counting all Apple devices there is a very wide variety of native resolutions and it is even wider of a variety if we include PCs as well as Android devices.

Anyway here is a list of common resolutions that actual Apple computers that run macOS on Intel CPUs have as their native resolutions nowadays:

Mine, 1280x800, has the smallest width in pixels out of all of those, but is only second-smallest when it comes to height. Anyway I listed all of those screen resolutions that are common on Mac computers (both laptop and desktop) because, well, the game ought to work well on all those resolutions. Only one I can test it on, on my Mac, is 1280x800, although I can also test it on a PC that is 1920x1080. Anyway I don’t recall having any issues at all with screen resolution on the Windows PC version, it seems to have an easier time of things than the Mac version of Dink Smallwood HD. Then again on Windows I think I tested it on 1920x1080 which is listed there and that is also the original platform for Dink Smallwood and Dink Smallwood HD, we all know how originally it was a Windows-only game prior to GNU FreeDink and Dink Smallwood HD porting it to more platforms.

I think on those higher resolutions it is possible there might be an issue with the game being way too small on the screen on Macs but I dunno since I don’t have a Retina display on my MacBook, mine is pretty low-res. Judging by the options and how things appear to work I would surmise that there probably IS an issue with things being too small on Retina displays just like there are various issues on a 1280x800 display with it not picking the correct size and picking bigger sizes than can fit on the screen. Anyway just wanted to post these issues about Mac display size on your bug list here, it is a real problem on Macs. Yes there are workarounds to get things working but it is annoying since I have to do it every single time I run the program and it doesn’t remember the settings for later. If you want to see something that scales correctly on a Mac, well try playing a video in VLC Media Player, it does things perfectly both in windowed or full-screen mode no problem. Or if you are talking games, well, any game developed with the cross-platform Ren'Py engine for “visual novels” scales very very well on Macs, there are hundreds of free games developed with that, kinda like how there are hundreds of free DMOD games developed with the Dink Smallwood game engine. Well except DMODs tend to take up much less disk space than Ren'Py games thankfully, so you can fit a whole lot more of them on your disk all at once.

Other than problems with screen resolution and scaling of the game there is only one other bug I know of on Dink Smallwood HD on a Mac. It involves the mouse. Sometimes the game thinks you clicked somewhere other than where you actually clicked. This is not in the main menu or options menu at the beginning. It happens once you are actually in the game and press Escape for the in-game menu and try to use the mouse in it, the in-game menu is the one with a bunch of text items listed on separate lines in the middle of the screen, it can also be navigated with the arrow keys and Control key. The arrow keys and Control key work for navigating it on a Mac perfectly fine but the mouse is super-buggy on that menu and almost always if you click the mouse the game thinks you clicked on something else. Actually I just tested and figured it out, no matter where you click the game thinks you are clicking on the thing that is currently on the bottom of the list vertically, with the in-game menus, on Dink Smallwood HD on macOS. So this is the other bug I found, with the in-game menu, no matter where you click it thinks you clicked on the bottom entry on a Mac, thankfully the keyboard works for navigating the in-game menu.

Oh and one other thing, the game is compiled as 32-bit not 64-bit, so it will no longer work on macOS 10.4.x once that version comes out this September. Dink Smallwood HD needs to be compiled as 64-bit, as macOS is going to be a 64-bit-only OS soon.

I guess that makes, umm, 7 bugs in total for Dink Smallwood HD on macOS (the OS formerly known as Mac OS X). 5 of them relate to screen resolution settings and 1 is the one about the mouse and the in-game menu and 1 of them is the 32-bit thing.
1) Game picks wrong resolution, ignores Dock if windowed and displays part of game behind Dock where you can’t see it.
2) Game picks wrong resolution, ignores screen height if fullscreen and takes up entire screen width going off bottom of screen.
3) Option to toggle fullscreen in options of game is broken, fullscreen must be toggled the standard way that macOS usually does it instead but after doing this bug (2) is triggered so the screen size must be changed in options to get things to fit.
4) Aspect ratio setting in options menu is not respected and aspect ratio is ignored when fullscreen even if user does not want it ignored.
5) Resolution settings are not persistent and need to be set every time the game is run rather than being saved permanently.
6) In-game menu that you get by pressing Escape while playing the game always thinks you click on bottom entry when you click mouse instead of actually looking which thing you click on.
7) The program is 32-bit instead of 64-bit which means it will not work at all on macOS 10.14.x or later versions, and the first of those versions comes out September 2018 in just a few months, you need to compile it as 64-bit for better compatibility.
April 27th 2018, 09:59 PM
Peasant They/Them Australia
April 28th 2018, 09:09 PM
Peasant They/Them
Sons of liberty 
uh what is a mac ?
April 29th 2018, 09:57 AM
Peasant He/Him Poland
Everyone should get a pizza for free in each week. 
Mac is a system, just like Windows. But made by Apple and they do not like that their Mac OS X is installed in a hardware that is not theirs.
April 29th 2018, 12:00 PM
Peasant He/Him Equatorial Guinea duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
apple is ass.
April 30th 2018, 09:41 AM
Peasant He/Him Poland
Everyone should get a pizza for free in each week. 
Both Apple and Microsoft are ass as both disrespect your choice. The former with the hardware, the latter with the software (Like that forced Windows 10 upgrade).
June 19th 2018, 02:37 AM
Peasant He/Him Japan
Hey yetisyny,

I just noticed your feedback and wanted to say thanks.

Proton (my library that Dink HD uses) has never really had great Mac support, I just don't have many Mac users of my stuff. This is why it doesn't have a "real" fullscreen mode. However, I thought you could click and drag the corner of the window to resize to any custom size? Doesn't that work? Maybe I dreamt it.

If the native version won't do resolutions right, you might try the new Dink HD browser version ( as it should play just as well about. It can import/export save files that are compatible with the native version too.

The 32/64 bit issue - the HD source code is able to output a 64 bit version (the iOS versions use this) so I'll probably get this going on the next version, I've been just putting it off until absolutely forced.

June 19th 2018, 09:07 AM
Peasant He/Him United States bloop rumble
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
Can you release any versions of Dink HD that you compile for 64bit as 32bit as well at the same time? I'd be grateful if you could do so.

While it may be the case that there are now very few Windoze users that are using a 32 bit release, I (and perhaps others) use Wine (in my case on Ubuntu 16.04) and for some time now Wine 32 bit support has been much more complete than 64 bit support.
June 19th 2018, 08:14 PM
Peasant He/Him Japan
SlipDink - sure. I plan to just keep doing 32 bit builds for Windows until there is a real reason to need 64 bit versions.