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How's everyone doing?

July 26th, 10:57 AM
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
Love! True love! 
I see a few new D-Mods out, need to take this opportunity to play them in quarantine. As much as I'd like to I don't think I'll have much time to develop as I'm still working from home, but there were a few cool (IMO, at least) features I had in Happy Sunshine Land 2 that might be neat to isolate and release separately.

Overall I'm doing well, I think it's about time to do another playthrough of the main game. I've always had an idea in the back of my head to release a "DLC" pack of sorts - let you buy Charlie's house, travel to the island, new spells, etc. I think about that every time I finish the main game and want more.

Hope everyone is staying safe during these times, happy to see people still alive and kicking.
July 27th, 03:13 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
I'm alive. I've been this way since 29 years ago, when I emerged from mother.

Now that I've established that, I shall proceed with this next paragraph, which is unnecessary and only serves to further clarify why my hobby is still the dinknetwork, rather than normal people hobbies, like coin collecting, or talking to people.

I will now close off this post without actually closing it off properly, not because I can't, but because I lack the social skills to do so.
July 27th, 09:02 AM
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
I would also like to comment that you were technically alive before you emerged from your mother.

I am fine btw
July 28th, 03:53 AM
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox steam
The Voice in the back of your head! 
i'm ok also quite sick of the damn pandemic but doubt will be over antrime soon especially aftear hearing a damned second wave... so does anyone know how to make most people not wanting a drink more than getting the damn pandemic under control?
July 28th, 02:06 PM
Peasant Male Philippines
Change is constant, but Constants do not change. 
Fighting 'Cabin Fever', eliminating suicidal thoughts and avoiding sharp objects as much as possible.
July 29th, 01:42 AM
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
I really admire you.
if everyone avoided sharp objects death rates would go down critically
July 29th, 12:21 PM
Peasant Male United States bloop
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
For some of us, it seems, our ability to adapt to reduced social contact and isolation indoors ("cabin fever") is quite pronounced. For others, adapting to these conditions is quite a challenge. People are different.

To me, it seems my wife is constantly doing unnecessary things that are needlessly "risky" in this age of the pandemic. But she considers these things necessary.

I think that it is a good idea to always plan contingencies, so that if one thing fails, another keeps you safe. When I wrote code for a living, that kind of thinking meant that my corporate overlords were generally pleased with the results.

I do the same thing in real life. For example, I wear a mask AND I maintain a social distance of 6 feet or more when in public at the same time. Under certain conditions I even wear a face shield (like this) in public too. This means that if I run into someone at the grocery store that is not wearing a mask and is not trying to maintain social distance, I can rely on either my mask or my efforts to maintain social distance, even when others seem to not care about these matters.

And, I avoid going out into public settings, if there are alternatives (such as ordering things on Amazon instead of going into a store downtown).

My wife is active in several gardening groups online. She has really done a lot around our home with her "green thumb" since the pandemic lock-downs started. Hey, it makes more sense than obsessing over a computer game that is more than 20 years old! She is actually more at risk than I due to certain health factors, yet she will contact gardening strangers and even trust herself meeting some of those people that are "anti-maskers" (according to their face-book posts). My wife thinks that as long as she wears a mask, everything will be fine AND that she has a need to "keep meeting people" that must be filled.

I just do my best to encourage her to be safe, and wince when she takes more chances than I do. I love my wife and need her.

I'm just not that motivated to take risks and am happy to meet people virtually (in various forums, Discord sessions, Skype sessions, Zoom sessions or Google Meet sessions) OR even not meet with them at all.

July 30th, 04:27 PM
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
I'm still alive and kicking

The pandemic is still no fun obviously. Most things are possible, but for some reason everything still feels constricted... I've chosen to mostly just keep working through the summer, it simply doesn't feel like the time to take too much time off.

I did manage to take a bit of time off and explore around Iceland a bit, so it's not like I'm not going out at all.

Lot's of strength to everybody still/again locked down. Here's hoping for a more carefree future...
August 2nd, 08:00 AM
Peasant Male bloop
I returned to the darkness. 
Still alive. Managing okay. I had less moodswings this summer than I usually have. Not really want to go to school again. But I have to. Damned pandemic makes me uncertain if we are still going to learn from distance or have regular classes. The only thing I miss about school is that I can't meet with the only friend I have. Yeah, we can still communicate through internet or phone, but it's just not the same. Also my brother will likely come back to live with us - he reapplied to another faculty on the university. He didn't like biology. Also, I'm trying to sell a few things, with mixed success. I'm playing through Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Experimented with a few strategies. I also probably spendt a bit too much on hardware. It's ironic that my speakers still suck, but there's that. I'm also trying to wake up earlier so I will not sleep through half the day. I also want to do more things the summer ends. That's about it.
August 4th, 01:48 PM
Peasant Male
I disagree. 
I've discovered a gem game during initial quarantine we had in march. That kept my sanity mostly. Now, working from home, sitting at computer for 8~10 hours, than sitting another 4 playing a game isn't exactly healthy. At least, summer is in full swing now, so im usually riding bike outside of the city and swim in the river.
August 5th, 10:34 AM
Peasant Male Philippines
Change is constant, but Constants do not change. 
whats the game? I've been playing all my games in hardest difficulty to keep me busy ever since the first to second month of quarantine. BTW, im tired of multiplayer.
August 5th, 04:32 PM
Kerbal Space Program. Sequel is about to come out soon too.
August 6th, 01:31 AM
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
has anyone considered playing a social deduction game?
they are really fun!
i have a discord server with a social deduction game bot(blood on the clocktower game)

tell me if you are interested!
August 13th, 02:24 PM
Peasant Male Pakistan
Swimming through sick lullabies. 
Hello! I hope everyone is doing really well. I'm doing okay. Thanks for asking pillbug.

That DLC pack is def a good idea. It blows me away that even after over 20 years people still care enough to work on mods and new ideas for this little gem of an RPG. I'm very lucky to have played it.

August 31st, 11:39 PM
Peasant Australia steam 
Secret Milder
September 2nd, 10:12 PM
Peasant Male United States bloop
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 

Secret Milder? Are you admitting to being the Nemesis of all that is good and decent in the land of dinkdom? What kind of monster are you? How could you have been hiding this dark side of your personality for so long, fooling us with a person you appear to be? I'm so disappointed I think I may cry for several days now without stopping.


September 4th, 07:06 AM
Peasant Australia steam 
uh, it's a secret.
September 16th, 04:01 AM
Peasant Male United States
doin music