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New Dev Files: DinkC Notepad++ Dark, Checkbit

November 11th 2018, 07:28 PM
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Some members of our community have submitted a couple developmental files.

Back in July, toof submitted DinkC Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++ Dark. This takes Sparrowhawk's original DinkC Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++ and makes it work with a dark theme. I was holding off on posting this because I had some sort of plan to... merge the versions together? I honestly don't remember anymore. I sincerely apologize, toof.

In any case, both the original flavor and the Dark version result in the best DinkC editor I've found. Notepad++ is great, and having the 'intellisense' provided by these plugins is really really really wonderful.

About a month ago, SlipDink submitted Checkbit, a method of storing lots (31) of true/false values in one DinkC integer. This was based on a couple fun conversations on the forum here and here.

Lastly, someone else submitted a file just yesterday, but I regretfully rejected that file. If you want to learn more, please view the comments.

Note that Skurn also submitted some fan art yesterday, but I am not posting it due to adult content. Just because I need to infect someone else with this image, I will try to describe it. Words cannot do it justice, but I can try:

Overall, this is a wallpaper that looks sorta like a D-Mod title screen.

The background was pulled from the Dink Smallwood introduction movie, and is of the silhouette of a woman taking a waterfall shower on a floating ice platform.

The Dink Smallwood logo in the upper-right corner, with the phrase "Friendship is Magic" underneath (according to my research, "Friendship is Magic" is a phrase popularized by magicians like David Copperfield and Mike Pence).

The left quarter of the image is a large pink pony with purple hair and a cyan stripe, however the face of the pony has been replaced with Dink's uggo sneer from the original Dink Smallwood box art.

Underneath pink pony Dink is the tiny little head of a green girl with a pink high ponytail. The girl has red horizontal lines under her eyes.

On the right hand side, a half-human half-Sonic-the-Hedgehog monstrosity stands. It has a human chest with large pink nipples. I will call him Skurn. Skurn has a derpy face with bugged out eyes, a snout that looks almost canine, and he's been overall poorly photoshopped in place, surrounded by little artifacts, so it looks like he's just been snapped by Thanos.

Behind Skurn is Jerry Mother Effin Seinfeld, who is crossing his arms in the most smugly way possible. He is wearing a light purple long-sleeve dress shirt with a black best.

Behind Jerry is a brontosaurus. I will call him Mike.
November 11th 2018, 07:32 PM
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can't flim flam the glim glam 
hahaha, that was a cursed image. i knew that you wouldn't be able to detect the dense infernal magic i laid upon that file so i was relying on you to either release it and spread the curse or describe it.

and you described it. now no one is safe.
November 12th 2018, 04:54 AM
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The guy with the cute D-Mod. 
Well, I'm glad you chose to describe it instead of posting it. Your reign is as benevolent as always redink. Thank you for sparing us.
November 12th 2018, 06:26 AM
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I disagree. 
I sincerely apologize, toof.

Actually, I requested just that specific xml file (if I remember correctly) to be merged with Sparrowhawk's work. It's unfair to give me full credit for the entire thing, since I just changed a few lines here and there...

And yeah! Finally to see SlipDink's method for storing more in less...
November 12th 2018, 10:06 AM
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I thank you for sparing us the actual image as well, but, I admit I could not resist reading about it (much like one often cannot resist looking at the victims of an automobile accident one drives past).

Sigh... oh Skurn, you are so predictable.
January 6th, 10:40 AM
Lord Silberfarben, mighty ruler of the Silbershire 
I want to see the image now...

I could ask skurn for a copy.
I might include it in my Dmod...