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I disagree. 
After I graduated on MIT, I've started working on the solution to end wars, famine and bring back the world piece. Yeah, piece, not peace. However, advanced space alien race made a contact with me, and offered me to scrub their spaceship toilets for 2 grams of antimatter per month. Naturally, I've accepted. Last thing I remember is that we passed through the event horizon of Sagittarius A*, and the rest is history... or the future. 4 dimensional space-time is weird... I can't really tell... Plus, snorting antimatter on a daily basis really isn't good for my health.

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2017-10-11 19:50:00
Peasant Male
I disagree. 
Well, I suppose it is a good time now to start a guessing game of what the heck dark avilan is.

My guess number one:
avilan is the anagram for anvil, but an extra 'a' slipped into the word.

My guess number two:
The dark villain couldn't quite fit the title screen, so you rewrote villain to avilan to solve the problem, and add a little mystery to the title of the dmod itself.

My guess number tree (143):
If you read it backwards, it says naliva, which is similar to saliva... Yuck!

For the sake of that tree, please include herbies booties at some early stage of the game

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