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I disagree. 
My biography is classified, 'cause it's classy.

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2015-08-21 12:25:30
Peasant Male
I disagree. 
Comical, or witty story. There was one dmod where dink must learn to read first (medieval pig farmer, nice touch) in order to read sign posts. There was a dmod with a pimple cream crisis sub-story... I like eccentric stuff in dmods (unless they are overused).
Small, but compact and explorable maps with little secret areas (the isle of croth is best so far in my opinion).

Goblins shouldn't be retarded. Not funny, boring.

I hate hard fights. When it comes to that, I cheat. No second thoughts.

Bow is something that no one used in any imaginative way in any dmod.

So, fun story (romp or quest long), good compact mapping, occasional craziness, and new stuff.

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Dink Hotel (The)D-Mod, RompGood 7.1April 2nd, 2019
Golden DuckD-Mod, RompGood 8.7October 4th, 2018
DinkC Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++ DarkDevelopment, UtilityN/AJuly 18th, 2018

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