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2008-03-22 10:16:03
Peasant Male United States
Anyone have a full list of what sp commands are alterable and can be carried across screens, for the player sprite?

So far I've found these four can be kept cross screens for Dink and can be altered by normal sp methods.

sp_brain_parm, sp_brain_parm2 ,sp_gold, sp_hitpoints
-probably sp_custom but I haven't tested that one yet

You can even use them across loads, providing you don't actually quit Dink entirely. I think if you nulled them somehow before re-use you'd be able to safely use them.

sp_defense and sp_strength both seem to reflect their global value, irregardless of attempts at changing them.


Coolest of all! Dink's attributes can be read prior to changing visions in the base scripts. So far I've just been combining houses, but I'm sure there's tons of stuff that can be done with this.

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