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2008-03-25 00:21:36
Peasant He/Him United States
Cross-Load issue fixed:

Fixed the cross-load/restart issues involved with saving in Dink's Attributes. Also found the source of the Herb Boot's glitch while investigating. Restarting while Dink is sped up causes him to retain the speed of the herb boots but not the frame delay. Loading can allow Dink to retain the frame delay but not the speed.

Fixed these and the other cross-load/restart issues, by reseting them to zero(dink's speed 3) prior to loading or restarting in both the Dinfo and Escape scripts.

Happlily this makes it possible to safely turn Dink's sprite into a variable pack horse Been thanking you could even get the Savebots to store some of them for you, since there's never a situation where you're away from one when saving or re-starting.

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