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Demonstrates the ability to use spells in item slot.

"A" key activates dual spell mode
"Z" key cycles through regular spells
"X" key de-activates dual spell mode, sets weapon to last normal item.

See ReadMe for more details.
Released:October 20th, 2008
File Size:189.51 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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December 20th, 2008
Score : 8.5 good
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This file brings a new mechanic to the Dink gameplay, namely the ability to equip two magics at once, instead of only one magic and one weapon.

This is done very intuitively with the press of a button: A activates "dual mode" and cycles through magic spells in your weapon slot. Z is uses to cycle through magic spells in your magic slot, and X deactivates dual mode and brings back your weapon to your weapon slot. There's a small learning curve for using it, but it takes only a minute to master it. Of course, you can change the keys to more suitable ones if you wish.

The documentation is also done very well, both in the readme as in the scripts. The scripts are crystal clear, without any clutter. I must compliment Endy for using strong scripting without overdoing it, so that it remains useful for even the least experienced D-Modder. Really, any D-Modder can work with this file, it's that simple!

The file is not perfect. When you load a magic spell in your weapon slot, the magic doesn't require any cost, so even when you have 0 magic points, the spell doesn't need to load up. This means you can equip your spells in your weapon slot and throw 5 Hellfires per second without the need to recharge your magic. Also, when you equip the sword, and activate dual mode, Dink still has the sword carrying animation.

Overall, I'd wholeheartedly recommend downloading this file, just to take a look how it's done, and perhaps for using it in your own D-Mod.