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Goblin Fun

Items and a spell for use in a Goblin themed D-Mod. Hammer Throw allows a realistic Goblin non-magic ranged attack.

Hammer Attack, Hammer Throw, Goblin Axe, Club Attack, Club Spin

Blind/Confuse - fun spell, monsters attack one another,(Battle Royal Elmonstro)
Released:February 12th, 2007
File Size:317.96 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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January 7th, 2010
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him Sweden
This little development dmod shows some new items and spells for a goblin main character.

Items and spells:

The standard goblin attack.
How could this get improved?
If you hit and then don't move the player will stay with the hammer down. By reversing the images and playing them again after playing them first we would have a full animation of a attack.

Throwing Hammer
A really nice attack like the axe throw.
How could this get improved?
This would be better as a skill to be used with the normal hammer attack, that way you could give it a bit countdown and be able to deal damage with normal attacks during the recharge.

Nothing special here, you just turn into an axe-goblin. When using this your defence is increased, due the shield the goblin is wearing
How could this get improved?
As it is now I don't think it should be included in this development file. Some modifications to improve it could have been made though... like adding more benefits for using a shield. Maybe a chance of 'blocking' attacks.

You turn into a Club goblin, nothing special.

Club spin attack
Now this is really cool!
This is a weapon, when you use it you spin around, damaging everything within range... or that's what it's suppose to do... But the bad hardbox kinda prevents that.
How could this get improved?
As mentioned above, the hardbox could have been better.
I also believe that this would have been better as a spell for the Club goblin, just as hammer throw would for the hammer goblin...

Blind spell
A spell to blind an enemy... apparently that means to make it attack a random other enemy...
How could this get improved?
It would be cool if a special graphic appeared over the head of the affected monster. This spell choose a target at random and that way it can be hard to see which monster you hit.

Some nice things that could have been better... Useful for a goblin related dmod, could use some modifications though.
I'll give it 8.5/9.9

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