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This magic shield reflects magic attacks. This magic shield damages sprites in range.
Collection of spells, the best being the magic shields. Very cool high level spells using the shadowing and missile brains. Also has shape shifting items, Mana Potion, and crystals that'll increase stats.

See ReadMe for installation and additional information.
Released:December 7th, 2007
File Size:301.74 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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March 20th, 2013
Score : 9.0 exceptional
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This is a pack of high level spells, with a dmod included that has a bunch of enemies to test them out on.

The spells are all high level, but your magic level starts at one, so you'll have to wait like 5 minutes before using one spell. So I changed the starting magic level just to test them out. The author did however include six potions. Three fully heal you, and the other three fully charge a magic spell.

The first new spell I used was called "Pain"

What this one does is targets a random enemy sprite and basically sets it on fire for a short period of time. Or at least that's what it looked like to me. It creates sequence 168(Which is commonly used a wall of flame) under the selected sprite and uses the shadow brain to follow it around. It will do damage to the enemy up to three times. In terms of strength, it's one or two steps up from your basic fireball. It's a well made spell and could certainly be used easily.

The next spell I tried was a magic shield spell. Now there are two of these, so I'm going to do the red one first.

This spell is wicked powerful. It creates a circle around dink and does damage to anything that comes inside that circle. The circle will stay active even if you enter a new screen. That was nice. However, this spell seems more suited for an enemy sprite. When I had the spell active, I didn't have to fight anything, I just walked up next to it and the damage from the circle killed it. Also, I didn't like how it did the damage.
Currently it doesn't damage a sprite as soon as it enters. Instead it does like 30-40 damage to it every now and then. I think it'd be cooler if it used a loop to hurt for one damage then a small wait, so it'd hurt the sprite constantly while it was in the circle.
Right now it feels like something an enemy would use in order to force dink into using ranged weapons. Which is a pretty neat idea.

I'll follow the red magic shield with the blue one.
This one is a pretty rad defensive spell. It will stay on the active when switching screens just like the other spell. I wasn't sure what this spell did at first, but I'm glad there was a dragon that shoots fireballs. This spell, REFLECTS enemy spells back at them. How cool is that? I'd love to see this used. I just want to reflect some fireballs. That's some cool stuff. Maybe I'll make a minigame with this spell where you have to save villagers from some barrage of fireballs. That'd be fun.
You could get super creative with the use of this spell. This is by far my favorite.

Next up I'll do the crystals.
These items don't actually do anything, they're there to test key-73 and key-83. This is what happens. Push (s) to move a crystal to inventory. Push (i) to move a crystal into the magic slot. I'm not sure what the use of this is, but hey, it works.

There are two more new spells. These are actually in the items slot though.

The first is a scroll that transforms you into a bonca. It lets you fight as a bonca too, so that's cool.
The second is what looks like an eye, so I'm guessing it's the eye of a slayer as it transforms you into one. Then you can fight as a slayer.

The magic circle magic item graphic looks like it was drawn in paint. So it could use a remake.

All in all, it's really well done. I would recommend getting this just for the magic circles. Everything else is just a huge bonus.