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September 19th 2017, 07:52 AM
Peasant Male Japan
Another new version, this time with many compatibility fixes for Bug Mania. (Oops, I wrote Bugmania everywhere else...)

It's pretty amazing all the tricks that were used to push the engine. I mean, save files like save123.dat to be able to basically load/save unlimited booleans is pretty clever.

------ Change log for 1.7.5 ----------
* Properly handles an illegal frame # sent to sp_frame instead of crashing
* (Bugfix) Fixed issue with not being able to set long delays in sprites (fixed dancing knight in Bugmania)
* (Bugfix) Fixed DinkC "!=" command which was renamed "!" for some reason. This fixed the goto in Bugmania
* Enabled support for >= and <= in DinkC, not sure why it was commented out before, they were active in 1.08
* (Bugfix) Status bar will now be drawn even when mouse mode is active if needed (it now shows up in Bugmania)
* Space no longer selects dialog, you'll have to use ENTER or CONTROL like on 1.08
* Mouse can now be used to select dialog options
* Fixed mouse issue with Bugmania in the town where it wasn't sending button down messages
* Made escape open the Dink HD menu even when wait_for_button is being used. This may be a problem if any DMODs require ESCAPE to be a button that is used though

- Note: Save state format has been changed again, so old save states won't load