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September 15th 2017, 10:28 PM
Peasant Male United States steam 
Controller support for all the DinkHD menus seems to be non-existent.
You can only really use the controller during gameplay and even when you hit the menu button you are greeted with another mouse only menu. The mouse can be manipulated in DMOD menus using the joystick to move and (A) to click.

As far as mobile is concerned maybe you could make it possible for authors or players to add buttons on screen for certain keys. Some DMODs make use of key scripts and afaik you have to go into menu and pull up the keyboard every time. It's a pain for DMODs that may rely on these being used frequently or during action scenarios.

Always glad to see Dink getting updates. To this day I haven't really gotten much use out of DinkHD on Windows though. It's been rather clunky to use. Hard to beat the simplicity of DFArc. It's too bad we can't launch into a DMOD using DinkHD from there.