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September 8th 2017, 09:59 PM
Peasant steam
Sons of liberty 
Sigh cant we put in references in the game towards dink network in other platform releases ?
i just feel we are missing out a full generation of players who can become dink smallwood fans, loving the game and of course planning on making dmods for the game.

Just i hope you consider a port for dink hd in future onto the platform like steam and gog, i am sure it will not cause dink network to loose anything , in fact it might boost this site and the game popularity.

Right now its just red1nk alone who is maintaining and working so hard on preserving dink since ages , what about the future ?? dink at least being on steam ensures the game will go on no matter what happens to anyone of us.Since the dmods can exist safely in the workshop and due to the auto updates you can directly update and interact with the forum for any changes.

ever since i joined here i have been saying the same thing so that makes it since almost since 6 years you can look at the members list there has not been that many new members here at all. Just the same couple of old dinkers..

I have no evil intentions to put over this place or break up the community , i just want more people of today to find dink smallwood the way i did and enjoy the game, in 2000 from india i did not find this game on dink network , i found it on a game magazine disk for free.

Heck i did not even know about this place until way later 2009 afterwards, all i am saying ever since coco passed away , i feel we should not let dink and the great dmods be caged up in here forever, there is a lot of content here and in the game that people should know about and experience it.

Times have changed , we should do what we can to share with others, i know this game still has the charm for example i have dink smallwood running on my psp and my younger cousin 8 years old came across it by mistake and he ended playing the game the whole day.

This is the last time i will bring up the request for dink to be on other platforms and i will respect whatever decision you take on this seth , just know this that there are a lot of people who would want to just play the game for what it is on other platforms.

20th anniversary coming up and it would be a great way to bring over beloved dink to today's way of gaming, heck it just feels like yesterday when i shared the game with my classmates back in the day and no one was able to figure out how to get past the guard in Stonebrook.

Sorry for the long post seth also can you have look at what features missing out in the game shown that can be added ?