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July 11th 2016, 09:42 PM
Okay, I'm (sort of) trying to finish my dmod. Jesus christ it's A LOTTT of work.
Anyways this file has been out for quite a while, but this time I've added and tweaked a few more stuff.

I would like for you to play till the end of it and share what do you think is cool and what's not. Thank you very much for your time!


After the whole scene and the fight with the knight.

Talk to the villagers (You can choose any option when talking, it will never affect the outcome, some choices are funnier).

Head home northwest and talk to the little girl.

You've no voice now, go to Mr Farmer's well and drink water from it to restore your voice.
Head home again and talk to the little girl.
After you wake up on the forest go west and watch the cutscene.
Explore this whole area if you want (which you probably should).
Kill all the spikes around, you'll be exactly level 4 after you've done it.
Go west on the screen with the note and fight the avoca (use savestate on DinkHD).
Go all the way east and after the tree disappears it finishes what I've done.

(Christopher Journey is the dmod name)
Also I highly recommend playing on DinkHD, since the screen is bigger and has ff and savestate.