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Hey there. I'm Vinicius from Brazil. I'm a professional C++ programmer, messing around with Dink stuff. My RL routine doesn't really allow me to do anything big out of Dink but it's fun messing here and there. Currently working as an english teacher at my country.

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2016-07-24 14:32:24
Hey roaminguest I've sent it to your e-mail

When you reach night at the fire village there'll be nothing else to do, so test it up to that.
You'll have to start a new game, since now you'll start with 100 gold and you'll need it.

If you cannot achieve level 4 at the forest please reply, it's giving exp normally at DinkHD I'm having issues with freedink.

Also note that I haven't added dots in the end of sentences for the previous work but I'll do later.

Please post your thoughts into it later, thank you!

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Turn-Based FightD-Mod, Development, UnfinishedFair 6.0June 20th, 2016

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