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Hey there. I'm Vinicius from Brazil. I'm a professional C++ programmer, messing around with Dink stuff. My RL routine doesn't really allow me to do anything big out of Dink but it's fun messing here and there. Currently working as an english teacher at my country.

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2016-07-17 13:04:52
Hello RoamingGuest and Bluedy, thanks for the feedback.

I'll be fixing everything mentioned here. The dots at sentences and mostly the hardness.
I found out about windinkedit hardness editing just a while ago and will re-do the whole starter village hardness.

And about the avoca, absolutely! You must kill every monster nearby for it to appear.
There should be a note on the screen where the avoca is with some hints.

Thank you again and I'll be working on it!

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Turn-Based FightD-Mod, Development, UnfinishedFair 6.0June 20th, 2016

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