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Dink's Quest for Meaning

Dink looks for meaning,
and hopes to be rewarded.
He does not suceed.
(A description in the form of a haiku)

Anyways, this is a little movie I made for no particular reason.
Released:July 27th, 2015
File Size:143.73 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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December 7th, 2020
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant They/Them Australia
Rather than being forced to push a boulder up a hill, in this D-mod, Dink must search for personal meaning by performing tasks for other people. Unfortunately for you, the player, there is no real control over what goes on, which in turn becomes a deliberate statement upon determinism and free will.

The non-interactive cinematic format was used for other classics such as "The Savebot Massacre" where it worked rather well. In this case however, DQFM doesn't really hold up to that standard. On each screen, Dink simply stands around as the other characters say various things and stand around too. The music is Wanderer.mid from the original game which I found doesn't really fit the tone set by the dialogue. I decided to replace it with a MIDI file of Sussudio by Phil Collins which I found exponentially improved the experience. On top of this, there are also a few minor spelling mistakes, including one in dmod.diz.

At the end of Dink's various encounters, you're given the option to either give up or start again from the beginning. Choosing to give up rewards you with a Meatspinesque counter that informs you of how many times you chose the other option before you decided to end it, followed by Dink apparently committing suicide. Unlike Meatspin though, there's no subsequent funny message upon repeating it a certain amount of times.

The subject matter that DQFM covers is something that most of us will have considered at one point or another. I felt like the scenarios didn't really explain why Dink suddenly was looking for meaning in whatever it was he was doing. He never seemed the particularly philosophical type who would care that much about such things. Ultimately, the only conclusion that one can gain from this is that Dink's life is meaningless, and on another level, attempting to discern any meaning from this DMOD is a similarly futile effort.