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River (The)

Some obligatory puzzle elements included Enjoy peaceful life on the country Walking on the ice
Here is the DMOD.DIZ intro line:

"Dink has decided to settle down to the countryside with his latest catch of the weekend, Nina. Facing a sudden desperate need for money, he then goes to search for a treasure rumored to lie at the end of a river..."


*Best D-Mod of Q2 2010*
Released:August 31st, 2010
File Size:1.76 MB
Release Notes:-Action sequence in the 2nd town shouldn't freeze now if all monsters on the screen are killed at the same time
-Mayor in the 2nd town now has a new hat
-There's now a new gambler in the 3rd town
-Gave a previously inactive NPC in the 4th town some dialogue
-Added a missing cutscene near the 4th town
-Rewrote some dialogues to make more sense
-Fixed many other bugs and oversights here and there
-Now packaged as a .dmod file instead of .zip

Any old savegames should work just fine with this patch.
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March 20th, 2011
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant He/Him Cuba
I'm simply a distraction. 
The river By Snybi was a very enjoyable d-mod it never got boring to me and the story was great.

Story: dink and his girlfriend are short on money so dink has the idea to travel to the end of the river for gold because his girlfriend used the metaphor "there is always fortune at the end of the river" 8.9

Music: the midis were enjoyable I liked them though I could see how other people would be annoyed by it. 6.7

Map: I liked the map it was nice there were strength potions which I didn't understand because it was a non combat d-mod the river really me keep a good sense of were I was there was no new I also really liked the scripting one of my favorite parts of the d-mod. 9.6

Overall I really liked the d-mod it was nice to play through and it kept my attention which very little d-mods ever do that is why I am giving this d-mod a 7.8!
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