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Dink's Quest in the Icelands

Dink holds a yard sale. From the COTPATD project.
Still a work in progress...
Released:February 6th, 2010
File Size:139.45 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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May 28th, 2010
Demo Release
Score : 3.0 tolerable
Peasant They/Them Australia
A lot of people on the board seem to dislike "Skorn" for various reasons, and I personally believe that most other reviews will be skewed negatively in some way due to the reviewers own personal interests. My review will not contain any such views or biases.

This is a very early demo that I am reviewing, but looks to be quite promising from a story standpoint.

Dink starts outside his house hosting a yard sale. A fellow called Skorn is there to peruse his goods, and tell him that there is a letter at the post office from the king. I talked to pretty much everything around the house, and it was really funny some of the things Dink has to say (the well and the second door).

I thought that it would be set in Iceland (the country) but seemingly not. Based on this screen alone from a scripting standpoint (most objects are scripted with funny things to say), if the game is entirely like this, I think it could become a great work, comparable to The Quest for Cheese in its humour content. Some will of course dismiss it as childish crap, but nevertheless. There is also a gold heart to get, but I think it needs the fireball spell which is so far not present. Sadly, the rest of the game is so far lacking.

There are numerous hardness errors. The grass is hard, when it shouldn't be, so are a lot of other objects. The hardness of the water was a bit off too, and I could walk around on it like Jesus apparently could. Hardness is the main issue, but looking past that, the map is quite well done compared to a lot of other recent mods released (EvilDink particularly). One issue I had was that there were too many trees rather than tree tiles in a few areas, which can slow the game down a bit, and looks plain messy. It also allowed me to walk behind Dink's house which is never good. I could also walk on top of the trees.

There is no Post Office or town in the game for that matter, but this is a very early demo. Personally I think the author has released this a bit too early for us to make proper judgement on its content. There is absolutely no music whatsoever, or new sounds or graphics. Not that I believe that new graphics make a good game. A lot of areas are blocked off which is quite annoying, and all roads lead to dead ends.

Overall, the main issue is map hardness and lack of content, but when the author gets a hang of stamping hardness, it will be a lot better. Also, a small back-story would be nice. Sadly the author of this game has decided to abandon this and move on to other things meaning that this game will never be completed.