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Updated File: WinDinkEdit 1.4 Beta 2 with source code

June 22nd 2003, 01:24 AM
Peasant Male Norway steam
Back from the ashes 
WC has updated WinDinkEdit to version 1.4 Beta 2. The source code can be downloaded here

You can see the new features, improvements and bug fixes on the comments page.

New Features/Improvements

-Added "Set Default Hardness For Tile" Basically will set your current hard tile (the hard tile that is pasted) to the current tile (the one you selected)
-Did alittle work on the Hard Tile Editor to make it run faster (reports of slowness...)
-Changed WDE to handle the auto save function alittle better. Should speed things up if you use autosave.
-Re-did hard tile mode so you can now copy/paste multiple hard tiles. (thanks redink)
-Reverting to default hardness now works with multible hard tiles selected.
-Re-did a few of the right click menu's to allow for some easy access if you forget the short cut keys
-Added "Transform Hard Tile" This little function allows you to change a tiles entire hardness to either (low/water, hill/high, or unknown).
-Added Progress control that shows you the progress when updating the minimap.

Bug Fixes:

-Not Really a bug, but it sucked. If anything in the left part of the frame is selected, the keys would not work for the main map, this is now fixed.
-Fixed a new d-mod creation bug (Thanks to kyle for not knowing how to do so )
-Fixed bug that would crash WDE if you tried to add more than 50 frames per sequence. (Thanks to dukie for being a idiot and trying to add 53 frames )
-Fixed hover hardness so it will not only show the hardness that is on that current screen (thanks redink)
-Fixed bug in the "Fill polygon hardness engine" (hold shoot and click in hardness mode, you will see), this has been around since gary added it, and I just now noticed.
-Fixed problems with undo sequence for the "Fill polygon hardness engine" not undoing correctly, also been here since the begining...
-Fixed issue with screen shots made from WDE not opening in some photo editors. (Thanks redink)
June 22nd 2003, 11:34 PM
Peasant Male United States
Is that the right file? That file has the same name ( as the last version.
June 23rd 2003, 12:45 PM
Peasant Male United States
Destroying noobs since 1999. 
Yes, it is the right file. I wouldn't have released this as a beta, but I have no testers.
July 10th 2003, 08:55 PM
Peasant Male
Score says that Win dink edit is close to be perfect (score is 9,7), but when one use it it raises errors in curious situations. Seem that estability is not considered in the score.
July 10th 2003, 08:59 PM
We do consider that, that's what the 2 other possible higher scores are for.