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I'm 18 and live in Southern California. Been in the Dink community since the beginning... yes, yes, the beginning, bought a disc on the second burn. Been loving coming around every few months for a month to see how its going, getting bored but always coming back (you know how it is). I'm working on a dmod just like everyone and hopefully it'll get released one day.

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2003-08-02 12:36:55
Peasant Male
08/02/03 - Well we (Me, Illumini, and iNvERTIgO) have been working on a completely revamped version of my Saga dmod for a few weeks now, I have decided on the new look of Dink and let me assure you he looks cooler than ever. Let me start my first journal entry at today. For this week I am going to be working on Dink in this new look for the 112 frames of sword hit, idle, and walk. I will also be making and converting various quest items and npcs. Yesterday I thought up a cool quest and made the graphics for that although I don't want to mention any specifics besides that includes statues. That is all for right now.

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Saga (The): Episode 1D-Mod, RompFair 5.4March 26th, 2000

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