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Dink Blackwood

August 4th, 2003
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Male
My first review:

Plot and Storyline: Dink needs to go to town and find a way to have a bridge repaired.

Graphics: The priest is modified with a golden cross, it doesn't look that good but it's ok, any attempt to change graphics is a good mark in my book. The woodcutter has a golden axe, which doesn't make sense because he is just a woodcutter. The stonegiant is blue, which is good addition. The rain effect is great for dink, so that is a good point too.

Music: Good music, doesn't distract from the story. The x-files music at the boss battle is not necessary though.

Good: Great effort with the church, really good use of alot of buildings, it is one of the best made buildings like that I have ever seen. The rain was good. The mushrooms are cool. The idea of the dragon carrying you across is good. The cave was good, the enemies are a welcome challenge. Awesome idea with the save anywhere idea. The houses upstairs, like birint said, are great because everyone needs to sleep.

Bad: There are hardness errors and bad depth que's in the lumberjack's house and the fountain as well as the forest. It's short, even for a romp, but I'm not taking any points away for that.

Overall: An fun dmod that everyone can finally not gripe about.