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October 13th, 2006
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male
You play as a farmer who finds a messenger that has been killed. You read the letter and begin your quest. You kill a slayer and arrive in a village. There's about 3-4 side quests (including killing Dink Smallwood for money) you can do before moving the story along (which ends the demo).

Press X to change interface between 4 different versions. 2 new fire magics, one makes a wall of fire in front of you and the other leaves a trail, but only fires north. Molotov cocktail is also cool.

Crashes under 1.08 frequently, and a bit of a lag between some screens using Invertigo's widowed mode exe. Usual problems as well: depth dots and hardness, especially around doors and stairs. Gameplay wise it is FAR to hard to get the two new magics, I had to cheat to get them.

Play this mod, it isn't exactly fun in its current form, but it is worth playing just to see some new ideas.