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August 26th, 2007
Score : 9.7 exceptional
I know I may sound strange, but I think this is the best d-mod ever, can't wait it to come out.

The story is simple yet effective.I also enjoyed the cut scenes although they could have been a little more in depth.

Nothing brand new here, although the modified graphics are well done.

The map was well done, although there were some barren screens. Hell was pretty boring, pitty I had high expectations.

These kicked ass, they may not have any ASTONISHINGLY new graphics but the modified graphics worked well.

All in all, I may not have provided a really detailed review, but I do truly think this kicked ass. 9.7
October 13th, 2006
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him
You play as a farmer who finds a messenger that has been killed. You read the letter and begin your quest. You kill a slayer and arrive in a village. There's about 3-4 side quests (including killing Dink Smallwood for money) you can do before moving the story along (which ends the demo).

Press X to change interface between 4 different versions. 2 new fire magics, one makes a wall of fire in front of you and the other leaves a trail, but only fires north. Molotov cocktail is also cool.

Crashes under 1.08 frequently, and a bit of a lag between some screens using Invertigo's widowed mode exe. Usual problems as well: depth dots and hardness, especially around doors and stairs. Gameplay wise it is FAR to hard to get the two new magics, I had to cheat to get them.

Play this mod, it isn't exactly fun in its current form, but it is worth playing just to see some new ideas.
May 29th, 2005
Score : 8.3 good
While I'm not particularly sanguine about the completion of this dmod, it is absolutely incredible from the perspective of someone who aspires to make dmods. The obvious comparisons are to Crosslink and Back from the Grave, but it doesn't really live up to these titles except in terms of technical innovation.

Style: 9
All kinds of wonderful, crazy stuff here. The characters seemed a little flat (probably because the dmod is so short) but this is made up for by the presence of other things you can interact with. The graphics are very good, the music is good.

Also, the people are funny, especially the dude praying in his basement.

Gameplay: 9
WOW! I'll start with the new spells: one is a fireball that leaves a trail of flame in its wake... and you'll just have to guess on the others. The new items are quite nice as well... for instance, you can buy whiskey (which heals you) and then pay to turn it into a molotov cocktail (a powerful non-reusable fireball.) Although they don't stack, using a whiskey won't disarm it if you have more than one (it will use one other than the one you have armed.)

The fighting is pretty good, although I "had" to use the screenlock bug to beat the monsters guarding the new magics. The general dynamic is that the spells and items you get are much more powerful than you are, which is interesting.

The quests (or whatever) are cool as well. To improve business for your friend the undertaker, you have to kill... well, I won't say. Further, there's a lot of flexibility about what you have to do, for instance, you can find a guy who'll let you give your farm to him, or you can find the woman who'll buy your farm.

Kinda confusing... or maybe I'm just stupid.

Overall: 8.3
This is a good game, but, unlike BftG or Crosslink, it can't stand alone as an a dmod. The new stuff is great though.