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Search for the Green Mushroom (The)

August 4th, 2003
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Male
Plot and Storyline: Dink goes on a quest to attract girls by eating a mushroom. Good story for a game such as Dink, and reflects Dink's character as well.

Graphics: The hammer on the ground is modded from the original dink. Very good map despite all it's errors. Interesting outside. The inside of the dungeon is not as detailed.

Music and Sound: Just a few regular dink sounds.

Good: Good Humor. It's really short, so that is good if you want a short D-Mod. It is also not overly drawn out.

Bad: No Screenmatch, a lot of hardness bugs. Well bugs isn't the right word because really there is no hardness on some of the buildings.

Overall: Very short D-Mod that is a great first effort. Play it if you want to have some fun with Dink, but for only a few minutes. For a first time D-Mod and taking the author's age and linguistal capabities I think it is a great first attempt.

To the Author: Please at least have one peron beta test you D-Mod next time.