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August 4th, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male
Plot and Storyline: The Black Knight (you) mus tput down a revolt that Rebels started, Dink is your greatst threat as is hellfire can kill you in one shot.

New Graphics: New death frames for some of the people, blood dripping on the menu, Redone drawbridge that I applaude because you could never use it in any D-Mod witout it looking mad glitchy.

New Music and Sound: Screams, music that sets the pace of each level.

Good: Breakable and killable everything, you can break most every cup, plate, potion, barrel, crate, and even windows. The length is determined by which music, awesome idea. Everything is well executed.

Bad: Nothing, besides a few minor hardness bugs. There is one glitcy screen on the left wall that flickers.

Overall: Great fun when your tired of worn out Dink adventures.