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Warped dreams of Wonderful Worlds # 1

May 3rd 2003, 02:06 PM
Noble Male United Kingdom
Hmmm...the boy Ice has done his own column thing, and I haven't gone ranting about alternative heroes for a while (though with the current contest, I don't really need to) so I think it's time for another scary look into my hopes for a d-mod...

It all began many years ago, when I was merely knee high to a grasshopper, and for christmas, me and my brother Arik recieved the game "Dungeons and Dragons".
I have since been trapped in the world of the imagination, in epic battles and mighty warriors, the history of mighty races that have fallen, and the evil that always seems to plague every land.
Many things came and went, in an effort to handle my obsession with creating...from D+D to Warhammer, to AD+D, to Vampire and so on and so forth.
But nothing could quite hold me in the way I wanted it to. In none of these could I create the wonderful adventures, tales and escapades of great heroes that I so wished to do.
Then came Dink...
It was great, I played it through, and while this is blasphemy, let's all be honest. Compared to most CRPG's, it was poo. It was slow, with a poor plot and no real zest. The humour made up for a lot of it (as did beheading Ducks) but when lined up against, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Torment, Baldurs Gate et al, it seemed like a small child surrounded by thugs with baseball bats.
Yet while these thugs looked tough, they stopped growing at 6 feet tall, with arms like steel girders. Dink didn't, and hasn't stopped. It is now a behemoth capable of eating these thugs for breakfast.
Why? Because of the charm that grows on you. Because of Dinks unique character. And mostly because of the amount of wonderful d-mods that surpass the original game.
But I'm rambling...The point is that I could finally create my own worlds, with a much higher degree of satisfaction, and there was an audience just waiting to explore my worlds!
But I have always been struck by the simple anime type graphics of Chronotrigger, and Final Fantasy, and that is where my dream lies. The Dink engine is perfectly suited to having this style of graphical splendour, yet nobody has done it. I want to, but I would need the graphics made for me.
The graphics would be much easier to create than many that have been made, but nobody has done it. Oh well...
Hmmm...this article seems to have gone on about nothing really for a long time now, but I hope somebody gets the point of it. If they do it will be worthwhile, if not, I enjoyed writing it, so it doesn't matter.
Who else is madly in love with the worlds in their head?

May 3rd 2003, 06:27 PM
King Male United States xbox steam bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
heh... I sort of feel the same way, but different. I also love making perfect sense.

I originally played the Dink Smallwood demo thinking it was Baldur's Gate. I know, I can be pretty stupid at times (especially in my earlier days). I wasn't too impressed, got around to talking to Mr. Smilestein then decided to quit.

But then I read Michael Wolf's column on Dink in the July '98 issue of PC Gamer, where he detailed how you could create whole new games using the Dink engine, and the rest is pretty much history.

But... I've personally found that the Dink character isn't too appealing to deal with when writing a D-Mod. I feel like I have to follow this nebulous guideline for Dink's character, which started with the main game but has since exploded outward with the numerous D-Mods from tons of authors. Its just hard to think, "What would Dink do in this situation?" Because the original game only had a couple of 'serious' moments (Milder and his mom's death scenes) there is no guideline for that. And its just hard creating dialogue and such for those instances.

The same goes for the entire Dink world, to a lesser extent. What is North of the Edge of the World? Where exactly does Pilgrim's Quest take place? And other small things like that... in Dinky Dimensions, I tried to make things geographically aware (i.e. King Eric has a kingdom to the south of the original Dink's lands, and the Magik Isles are to the west of there), but I don't know if I succeeded or if it was even worth the effort.

That's why I enjoyed making Cycles of Evil. It didn't require too much work in the graphics department (by using the original character sprites and such) but it was completely non-limiting with the characters, timeline, locations, everything. Could it have still taken place in Dink's world? Sure... but nothing implies that. I think that's why COE turned out good too, just because there were no limits.

But, laugh at me, as I'm working on a 'Dink' D-Mod right now (not Hidthspace Revolution) when I could be working on COE 2 or another non-Dink one. But even then, I'm taking it far away from the original game... and I'm going to try to actually develop Dink's character a bit more with my infantile hands of characterization.

Um... the point? I've long forgotten it. And that feels disturbingly good, for some reason.
May 3rd 2003, 06:50 PM
Noble United States steam
Daniel, there are clowns. 
Cool, I kind of liked the fact that Dink's character was rarely serious. Sure, it was less 'real' that way... but that's what made it fun. No real person would actually go around punching everything... except maybe WC, but sometimes it's hard to believe he's real either

I actually mapped out most of the area to the Northwest when I tried to BFTG... it struck me as being a sort of frontier land populated by strange folk and beasts... it had been blocked off by King Daniel.
May 3rd 2003, 08:42 PM
Peasant Male
Hey redink, you should start making "WWDD" bracelets for sale. No developer of dmods would go without one. If only you could punch things and they would respond all the time. That is the beauty of dink.
May 4th 2003, 05:23 AM

maybe i'm mixing the words,but dink character was twisted in many many ways,that I don't realy know who dink is.
May 4th 2003, 12:29 PM
Noble Male United Kingdom
I perhaps didn't say exactly what I meant about Dink, I'm not sure. I like him to an extent, but as a "real" hero goes, I think he is poor. That is one of the reasons I am so obsessed with alternative heroes.
I think COE was a great d-mod, as it created a story in a different way to most d-mods. But that is one of the reasons that has put me off CC2, using Dink as a main character. I was quite interested in making Fabian, Alessa et al playable at some point, but I don't think Arik is very keen on that. (BTW does anybody read the magazine "Edge"? If you do, the letters page in the issue with Wind Waker has a rather "clever" letter by him in it...)
I have often considered making a d-mod with Link (Jveenhofs created character) as a base, but I strongly feel there is a lack of heroes with attacks. It's annoying, and of course other sorts can be used, but I'd still like to see some new heroes with new attacks.
May 5th 2003, 02:01 PM
Peasant Male
Link? I don't think he was created by Jveenhof. Link is a known character in "Legend of Zelda" games. Unless this Link is different than the one I am thinkin of.
May 6th 2003, 01:51 PM
Noble Male United Kingdom
I was certain Jveenhof created the Legend of Zelda...doesn't he own Nintendo?
Suffice to say, it is a DIFFERENT link.
May 6th 2003, 03:12 PM
Peasant Male
Forgive me, I don't understand British people's thinking process.
May 6th 2003, 06:32 PM
Or you just havent played enough Dmods.
May 7th 2003, 06:59 AM
Peasant Male
That could be considered a good thing, that I am not a dink freak.
May 7th 2003, 03:44 PM
Well, if you're not a Dink freak, why do you hang around the community?
May 7th 2003, 10:44 PM
Im not a dink freak either and i dunno why i hang out.But reason i never tryd to make any dink animations is because bmp is a annoying format and its real hard to convert from format i use when i do convert it,it usually loses its beuty and the 3d aspects.
June 7th 2003, 02:48 PM
Har har, I love starting things...

Nice little article Sabre. Didn't explain much but I kinda understand what you're saying... err what was it about again?

Now I know this bears the words "Pot, Kettle and Black" but this should have been written as a blog because it was basically rambles. I'm personally writing all my little articles up and will probably chuck it around to whoever cares when it's finished...
June 8th 2003, 04:42 AM
Noble Male United Kingdom
I wouldn't say you started it Iceboy but you certainly gave me that last bit of motivation to write it. It could go in as a blog, but I was interested in others opinions as to what they love about Dink and why, so to get replies I made it a post.
You don't know what it is about? It's not an article as such and if you can't tell what it says, read it again!
June 8th 2003, 05:49 AM
Peasant Female
but I was interested in others opinions as to what they love about Dink and why

The reason I bought DS was that it was an RPG - the description said that you could join the King's army, but I guess that whoever translated it did a poor job on that - but the main reason I bought it was that it stated you could make your owns worlds and new adventures.

I've done that with all kinds of games - making new maps - but I was just thrilled to find out that it just wasn't the map, but also that you could make everything you wanted. Like in the Blizzard's games it would just be the same old story and only the map would be different, but in DS you could let Dink say whatever you wanted. And that was ever so cool!

So that was what got me hooked. Now you can do the same thing in Morrowind, but at that time, DS was the only one I knew of - or got my hands on.

And the reason that I wanted to make my own RPG's was that ever since I played my very first RPG I wanted to be able to make my own since I thouhgt I could do it better!

But I don't know what's the magic about Dink. It's indeed old compared to other ones, but it does have it charm. Perhaps it's because you know what things are for and how they work, like warps and such. If you see a door, you know it's a warp. And if it's not, you're... well, what?...

I don't know what you then are, but I guess that's why Dry got so many confused since things are so different. That's what I wanted to do, make one that is real different, but I guess we can't live (yet?) with doorwarps that lead to nowhere or with things that don't do what they're supposed to do or work differently.

Perhaps that's the magic of Dink: you can do it as you wish and make of it whatever you wish.
June 8th 2003, 07:48 AM
Noble Male United Kingdom
Well said bin! Creating your own RPG where EVERYTHING is down to you is what got me hooked!
So child of ice, what makes you love Dink? Oh, and everybody else answer too!