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I'm Alli or Allison, depending what you want to call me. I am 16 and from Minnesota. My favorite things are currently Transmetropolitan comics, "hanging out" with my friends (although I hate that phrase), and YIG. I like KMFDM and Ben Folds (very different, I know, but my tastes are varied). I do not like Rammstien, but I enjoy their pyrotechnics. I work at the not-so-local library, and my hobbies include (but aren't limited to) videogaming, being online, and arting.

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2002-12-20 18:12:33
: 1. Why do we put a tree in our house?

Because otherwise our living room looks kind of funny. I mean, if we just have a heap of presents sitting in the corner with no tree, it's really anti-Feng Shui.

: 2. Why do we decorate the tree?

Tcha! *We* don't. We have people who do that for us. They're called the little cousins.

: 3. What have candles got to do with it?

Well, if you hold a lit candle close enough to something flammable, you can create a very pretty buring effect. I'm a regular Martha Stewart, no?

: 4. Who 'invented' Christmas?

Probably the government, or the greeting card companies.

: 5. Why are the traditional Christmas colours white, red and green?

Those are the various colors you turn after eating too much of my Grandma's cooking.

: 6. Why does it always starts to snow the day AFTER Christmas?

Because the weather just likes to mock you. It hates you, and wants to ensure you are unhappy for all your natural life.

: 7. Why does Santa need a stocking to put presents in?

It's not like there's a better recepticle for presents... what else is he gonna use? Tupperware?

: 8. Why do we always eat and drink way too much?

Because food rocks! *drool*

: 9. Why do we always argue when it's supposed to be a happy family thingie?

Someone just used "happy" and "family" in the same sentance?! AUGH! Apocalypse is coming!

: The winner will be granted the title 'Santa fan(atic) of 2002'.

Can I just have the (atic) part?

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