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2002-08-08 01:53:50
: : Skeletons shouldn't have tut's or graphics. Look at it this way. If you wana build a ciston car, you wana start out with a simple frame, and add in what you want, not start with a half built POS which fits no part of your dream car. Basically, mroe users will be ripping crap out rather than using it.

: : --WC

: I agree.. I mean, to say it in other words, it's not a skeleton anymore when all the flesh is on the body. Or so... *hehe* A skeleton is supposed to be very simple, just to get you started.

True, but that is what Mike has done. I need to make mine different. Tutorials are things that teach you how to do stuff. So, while you're using the skeleton every now and again you'd go and have a look at the tutorial to see how you do something.

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