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2002-08-07 11:38:46
You remember SkeletonX Version 1.2? Well, I know lots of you didn't like it, so I went on to do some hard work on V1.5, which totally rocked! Much better than the original. Anyway, it was all going fine, but about a month ago now my PC bugged and I had to re-boot my whole system. It's only today that I realised I don't have V1.5 of SkeletonX anymore, therefore I cannot work on it or release it to the Dink Network which you will definately like.

I wrote 3 more tutorial files, added new sounds a skeleton city new graphics... loads. Now, it is all gone. I'm thinking I shouldn't go and re-do the whole skeleton. What do you lot think?

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Customized Cursor CollectionMiscellaneous, GraphicsFair 5.0August 19th, 2002
Beyond the Galaxy IntroD-Mod, Miscellaneous, DemoTolerable 3.8July 6th, 2002
UltimateMidiCollection - The Second VolumeDevelopment, MusicFair 6.2June 30th, 2002
Spare TilesDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.5June 30th, 2002
UltimateMidiCollectionDevelopment, MusicGood 8.0June 9th, 2002
Skeleton XDevelopmentHorrible 2.0May 20th, 2002