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2002-08-08 09:50:13

First, my trusty introduction


I would first like to ask a few questions...

-Remember my first ever Dink chat meeting?

-Remember that fun filled evening on Sunday, 8:00PM where I filled the chat room?

-Remember how much fun that evening was?

Yes, you do. So here's some good news...

***Drum roll through speech***

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the one, the only IMACRAZYGUY is here tonight to announce a special time. On this Thursday at 7:00PM in English GMT time, an amazing event will be held. Over there at DethLord's Dink Chat ( another room will be filled. Another fun filled evening will take place! Another superb DC Quiz will be held! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

***music starts***



Hundreds of topics will be discussed on this great night at the chat, the superb DC Quiz will be taking place, and finally a VIP guest will be coming! I'm not going to tell you WHO the VIP guest is, but if you come, you will find out. You will love to share the evening with our guest, and this evening once again aims to fill the trusty old Java chat room. We also aim, on this superb evening, to give out a number of awards. If you don't win the DC Quiz, then don't worry because these awards are given out based on what you do throughout the chat! For example, if you're the funniest person in the chat, you receive the "I MAKE YOU ALL LAUGH!" award. There are a number of awards that will be presented on this special evening. To those that didn't receive their prizes from the last Dink Chat quiz, come along and I will present them to you personally with the audience and special VIP present. DethLord quoted that my last chat was the best and most successful chat ever held at the Java room ever! I aim to do the same again, only this time MUCH BETTER!

Throughout the days I will be preaching the word to the Dinkers worldwide to come along to this great evening. Admission is free, so that's a WHOLE LOAD OF ENTERTAINMENT for absolutely no cost whatsoever!

I would like to thank my spies, DethLord and my administrator Allikitten for allowing me to host this great night. I know this night will be a great success, even better than my first, but to achieve its results that it has planned to come out with, I would appreciate all you Dinkers

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